Practical crowdsourcing

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1. Aaron Davis, 29 April 2010 2. Outsourcing Traditional Contracting to a third-party Crowdsourcing The act of outsourcing tasks traditionally performed byan employee or contractor to a large group of people orcommunity (a crowd) via an open call 2 3. Traditional Outsourcing Crowdsourcing Administrative Costs Crowd Management Costs Fixed Deadlines No Guaranteed Deadlines Top-down Assignment Self-Organization Monetary Incentives Varied Incentives Money Reputation Conviction www.lingotek.com3 4. Open vs Closed Funded vs Volunteer Reputation Ranking Tiered Access 4 5. Amazon Mechanical Turk Finding Steve Fossett Captcha Breaking Crowdflower Haiti Emergency Assistance Text Translation Google Image Labeler KIVA uTest Family Search Indexingwww.lingotek.com5 6. +Collaborative MotivatedTranslation 6