Next Generation IT Automation

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Prsentation von Hans-Christian Boos (Vorstand arago AG) beim Forum "Next Generation ITSM" am 23.4.13 in Frankfurt


  • 1. Next Generation IT

2. IT Does Not Offer What the Business Wants to BuyBid-Offer SpreadThere is a gap between what providers want to offer and what customers want to buy. This spread is anexcellent opportunity for the provider of the future. 3. IT wants to providelow endstandardized service.Business wants tobuy high endindividualapplications. 4. On Premise Off PremiseITServiceBPaaSBUSINESSSaaSADaaSAPPLICATIONAMaaSAOaaS INFRASTRUCTUREPaaS IaaSLegend:020 40 60 80 100 5. Organizing IT Operation Skill vs. ProcessProcesses have been established everywhere in IT service management. They have done their job (professionalization), but after a while they stopinnovation and make satisfying customers expensive. 6. Industrialization is:1. Standardization2. Consolidation3. Taylorization 7. 8 years or more toget the standarddefied and the plantbuilt. 8. 15 years or more tomake money fromthe plant. 9. Not in IT!Stop whining andaccept:THERE ISCOMPLEXITY IN IT! 10. Standardization onlyapplies to the lowestend of the food chain. 11. What we have doneUDH abusing ITIL:Network Mgmt Cisco TeamBuilt the longestSecurity Mgmtassembly line in the Anti Virus Team world.Eskalation3rd Level Expert EngineeringUDH 12. What we do when itmatters:Get the experts, lockthem in a room andwait for whitesmoke. 13. Just for the flexibilitywe would alwayswork with experts.BUT 14. This Is Impossible, so 15. PEOPLECENTRIC Looking at the big- cost picture we see there- varyingare pros and cons forquality each approach- availability+ agility+ accountabilityROBOTIC /STANDARDIZED- no flexibility- limited toIaaS / PaaS- no durability+ efficiency+ repeatability 16. PEOPLECENTRIC The next generation- cost of IT operations is a- varyingcombination of bothqualityANALYTICSapproaches.- availability BASED &+ agilityKNOWLEDGE+ accountability CENTRIC + continuous costROBOTIC / optimizationSTANDARDIZED + stable quality- no flexibility + scalability- limited to + agilityIaaS / PaaS+ accountability- no durability+ efficiency+ repeatability 17. Automationaugmentedengineers 18. Engineer augmentedautomation 19. IT Skill = Knowledge Automation Based on Knowledge, not ProcessMany automation tools try to ensure proper processcompletion where they should focus on proper knowledge application. 20. Knowledge basedautomation means1. Experts teach machine2. Machine applies knowledge3. Machine learns from experience 21. Automation at arago T 1st 2nd o LePrevention Automation Self Service ve Le vel u cl h 93 %7% 22. Automation Goals at Our Customers T 1st o LePrevention Automation Self Service ve 2nd Level u cl h 80 %20 % 23. The IT provider of thefuture can:1. Archive knowledgebest2. Make automateduse of theknowledge archive3. HAS THE BESTEXPERTS TOCONSTANTLY ADDTO THEKNOWLEDGE POOL 24. How to Do ItAutopilotThe proven new generation of automated IT operations - a machine working like a human IT expert, only more diligently 25. Autopilot, a machineworking like anexpert. 26. Combines theknowledge it has toform an individualsolution to each taskit is presented with. 27. Experts teachmachine things itdoes not know. 28. Machine documentseverything:1. Input2. Output3. Reasoning 29. Continuousimprovement!1 KPI to controleffectiveness:teaching rate. 30. Analytics basedknowledge-drivenautomation meansfreedom:1. Applicable in whole stack2. Staff turnover without disruption3. Talent can thrive without quitting the company 31. AutoPilot significantly contributes to freeing up time.An example: Operating a POS environment in banking. number of FTE experts needed120 112100status at business case for project start first automation project78 80 minimum expected 60improvement45maximum expected 40 result final result /22 automation grade 2080no automation 30% automation 50% automation80%automation arago 93% automation 32. Thank you for your time which we hope was wellinvested, because dismissing good ideas can harm your future


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