Next Generation Automation in Ruckus Wireless

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  • DEV-IT NGA Status UpdateDavid Ko


  • New Automation execution platform, based on the concept of infrastructure as code

    Manageable, API-driven Scalable Distributed Extensible Auto-recovery Portable Easy deployable

    Next Generation Automation - NGA

  • Current Automation Automation team (DEV-IT/QA-Auto) is only source of test case automation Automation team is only knowledge owner of test case execution & environment

    Customers(ex: EET, Branch owner, .)Automation teams

    Problem: too many communications, closed info & resource Issues

    So Latency & unexpected result

  • Current Automation, Cont. This is an example for communication of automation execution request, needless

    communication and operation again and again

    Save time to focus on much meaningful stuff

  • Everyone can write & run test case everywhere through different deployment ways Everyone can setup their own NGA platform or use DEV-IT hosting service to run test


    Future Automation

  • Architecture - Microservice

    app-api app-master




    Post Commit SanityDeveloper

    message queue message queue...







    Mac mini



    service discovery



  • Architecture - Microservice, Cont. Each application/service is microservice built by Container Use service discovery to manager/load balance service usage Suitable to extend and scale out services

  • Where we are - Progress Development flow is mature

    Git, Jenkins/CI SonarQube for test coverage Container deployment for functional testing

    REST API is ready to run test cases Post commit sanity will use API to integrate, no need to manual operation

    NGA services deployment Deployment solutions for different use cases

    Test Case execution on NGA Modify DEV-IT test case to run on NGA Support end-to-end or config only testing Run on all platforms, SCG200/SZ100/vSZ-H/vSZ-E IPv4 support first, IPv6 depends on OpenStack function

  • Where we are - Progress, Cont. GUI is under construction

    Front-end application operates NGA through REST API

    vAP & vUE evaluation, but not suitable for NGA for now Can not work well on OpenStack due to DHCP IP known issue

  • API REST API is able to do below tasks

    Create test project Select test case Create test job Run test job to trigger test build Get test build report Manage resource Check service status ....

  • API, Cont REST API is able to do below tasks

    Download test report Check test build status Check test build console .

  • Deployment Single host (all-in-one) - Done

    For testing & personal use One command to deploy

    Single master/agent + multiple tests - Verifying For scalable test execution

    Single master, multiple agents + multiple agents - To Do Besides scalable test execution, scalable different style test beds

    Docker Docker Docker Docker Docker Docker

    1 2 3

    Docker Swarm

  • Demo1. Automatically redeploy NGA Microservices

    2. Check services available

    3. Create test project

    4. Select test cases and create test job

    5. Run test job to create test build

    6. Check test build status

    7. Get test report

  • What is Next Add more status check API for frontend application Implement GUI for better operation experience Setup NGA production platform for DEV-IT hosting service Migrate Post Commit sanity to NGA Share deployment solution to user to install single-host environment to run by


    . Detailed schedule and plan will be delivered by Daniel & Eva

  • Thank You