Mitel phone system versions and how to upgrade

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7 Years

Upgrade your mitel 5000 phone systemEvolution, not Revolution

More software, less hardwareModern phone systems use less circuit boards than they used to back in the 1990s and 2000s.

Nowadays the modern PBX consist of basically computer hardware (processor, memory and disk space) and the heart of everything is the software.

What you need to knowLimited or no access to new features and technologiesHinders savings due to lack of support with new SIP providers/networksEarly termination of manufacturer support causing difficulties with reseller support and response/fix timesNo software patches (critical updates) causes business disruption - due to software failure or often corruptionCompatibilityissueswith evolving Operating Systems and Data NetworksRisk against hacking if software vulnerabilities are not pluggedLimited accessibility to pre-dated software releases may prolong time to fixRe-licensing discontinued' products is not possibleEvolution, not revolutionThe cost of doing nothing..Mitel 5000 version 1.2Call Logging on handsets missed, dialled, receivedIntelligent Speed Dial Directory SearchVoice Mail to Email forwarding (Smart Phones, any mail client)Remote Working connect your Mitel IP Phone from anywhere

What's new..

Mitel 5000 version 2Support for Mitel 5312, 5324, 5330, 5340Support for Gigabit IP Phone StandOn-board software updater for Automatic Updates (TFTP)UPS Monitoring (auto-shutdown if power fails)ISDN to Analogue extension Caller DisplayDual Port ISDN30e Module released

What's new..

Mitel 5000 version 3Cordless HANDset and HEADset supportMusic on Hold uploadScheduled Backups (protect your data!)SIP Trunking Support (Voice over IP telephone lines)New Digital Handsets released, models 8528 and 8568Support for Mitel 5304 IP handset (guest, hotel style)Import / Export System Speed Dials via PCCallView no longer supported

What's new..

Mitel 5000 version 4New Mitel 5000 HX Controller released with extended capacityNew HX Controller is now 2u and less than 400mm deepImproved power adaptor (more resilient)Support for Mitel 5360 full colour, touch screen IP PhoneSIP extension support (soft phones, 3rd party SIP phones)Door relay (for opening doors using a Mitel phone)Windows 7 operating systems not supported fully yet

What's new..

Mitel 5000 version 5Built-in Meet me Conference bridgeHot Desking (roaming profiles)Built-in basic Call ReportingDynamic Extension Express Mobile phone twinningMultiple Music on Hold support (multiple audio sources)User Web Portal for users to configure their phone settings and buttons

What's new..Mitel 5000 version 6Greater support for Windows 7 operating systemsBuilt-in DHCP server for Mitel IP PhonesImproved SIP Trunk security using Mitel Border GatewayGreater 3rd party SIP phone supportImproved Mobile Twinning, now with mid call featuresSystem Alarms by emailVoice Mail to Email support for Google Mail (GMAIL)Xarios Phone Manager version 1&2 no longer supported

What's new..

Mitel in 2014Mitel 5000 is now called Mitel MiVoice OfficeXarios Phone Manager version 4! All new look and feel*Mitel offer IP Phone Call Recording introduced*Mitel Customer Service Manager (CSM) new version due*MiCloud hosted service launched (Cloud Telephony)*Greater support for VMware (Virtualisation)

Denwa offer Switch to VoIP offer, save 50% on line rentals!

What's new..*Additional costs apply

Top 4 reasons to upgradeGet all these new features and benefits!Extend the lifetime of your system by at least 3 more yearsSwitch to VoIP reliably and SAVE 50% on line rentalsKeep up to date and receive no maintenance price increases

How to upgradeSubscribe to Mitel Software Assurance for unlimited updates Youll need a new Version 6 2GB Compact Flash card Arrange for a DENWA engineer to upgrade your system out of hours

Looking for a Mitel Reseller? Contact Denwa on 0330 333 7323

Its easy as 1,2,3