How to upgrade / migrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV older versions

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How to upgrade / migrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV older versions

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  • 1. The process of version migration from older versions of Navision to NAV 2013 R2 Team Canarys

2. About Canarys Why Upgrade? Planning and Execution Considerations Phases Challenges Canarys Object Migration & Data Migration Tools Benefits Sample Case Study Conclusion Agenda Session: 45 Mins Team Canarys 3. About Canarys Canarys is a leading IT services provider to its clients worldwide. From a humble consulting mode during its initial years, Canarys has evolved constantly to move up the value chain and provide high-end IT services. Canarys offers a broad range of IT services and solutions which includes Mobile Apps, Microsoft Dynamics, Products, Application Development & Maintenance and Testing on Mobile and web platforms. Our Vision Global Software Services and Solutions Provider Our Mission Strong focus on delivering the best and cost-Effective solutions to cater to the needs of our Customers Team Canarys 4. Optimizes performance with the latest technology Improved decision making Flexible, configurable chart types and end-user charting capabilities More integration options Microsoft excel, share point, office 365, and other Microsoft technology make our day to day task easy. Web interface to access the client Web Client SharePoint client Azure On-premise Partner-hosted Hybrid Refined Role Tailored capabilities New and improved server Why Upgrade? Team Canarys 5. Planning and Execution: Considerations Considerations > 300 GB Database Confusing Customizations Very old NAV version Old & bad data Team Canarys 6. Planning and Execution: Phases Requirement Analysis Study Document Code Upgrade RTC Upgrade Date Upgrade [Test] Date Upgrade [Live] Database Optimize Training & UAT Deployment & Support Team Canarys 7. Requirement & Analysis Detailed analysis of customer existing business process Current situation and usage pattern Conflict analysis Infrastructure assessment Study Document Business Requirement Document List down the existing add on / custom feature / integration and summary of To Be process Planning and Execution: Phases Contd.. Requirements Analysis Study Document Team Canarys 8. Code Upgrade Execute COM and CDM tools Compare and analyze changes Object upgrade Data upgrade Code optimization Report re-design Planning and Execution: Phases Contd.. Canarys Object Migration Target Database Customer Source DB Customer Base DB Latest Standard DB Team Canarys 9. Planning and Execution: Phases Contd.. Role tailored client Upgrade Upgrading to NAV Latest Version NAV Classic NAV Role-tailored Client Forms Classic Report DataPort MenuSuites Pages RDLC Report XMLPort MenuSuites Role Centers Canarys Object Migration Tool Team Canarys 10. Planning and Execution: Phases Contd.. Database upgrade NAV Source data Canarys Data Migration Tool Final Upgraded DB Team Canarys 11. Testing / User acceptance Testing of migrated objects Functionality testing Fixing of bugs (if any) Deployment Promote database to production Go Live Support Post up gradation support Ongoing support Planning and Execution: Phases Contd.. Testing & UAT Deployment Support Team Canarys 12. Big difference between NAV versions Upgrading from Navision 3.0 to NAV 2013 is not the same as upgrading from NAV 2009R2 to NAV 2013R2 . Huge number of customized objects [500+] Migrating from Native to SQL platform Upgrading add-on data Third party integrations Database is very large in size and has particular issues with locking, deadlocks or performance Planning and Execution: Challenges Team Canarys 13. Canarys Data Migration [CDM] Verify and suggest the preparedness for upgrade Create data transformation script Compress the ledger data Create Data refining script and clean unnecessary data Upgrade add-on table data ,by just making some configuration. Canarys Object Migration [COM] Identifies modification done on the clients database Generates detail reports Suggest and automatically automate the code changes FIND (-) - > FINDFIRST FIND(+) - > FINDLAST COUNT - >ISEMPTY FINDSET MODIFYALL DELETEALL COUNTAPPROX Detailed Report on missing objects Planning and Execution: COM & CDM tools Team Canarys 14. Planning and Execution: Benefits 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Saves Money (Less Cost) Consistent Quality Lower risk of Migration Predictable & Manageable Quicker Turnaround (Faster) 25% 100% 20% 90% 20% Benefits Team Canarys 15. Case Study Migration NAV 3.7 to NAV 2013 R2 Version: NAV 3.7 Risk of losing existing customized functions Not sure about benefits of version upgrade Time and cost User Adoptability Risk of losing data Note sure about Benefits Old Version 3.7 Time and Cost Situation Team Canarys 16. Case Study Migration NAV 3.7 to NAV 2013 R2 Highlights Effective planning COM tool made the complete process automated, reduced manual errors. CDM tool Strong Knowledge base help effective handling of ongoing issues Workshop to elaborate the product capabilities Situation Customer Workshop Impact Analysis Conflict Resolution COM & CDM Tool User Training & Support Solution Reduced Effort Reduced Risk More Integration Possibilities More Predictability Benefits Team Canarys 17. 25+ years in the industry 7+ years of Microsoft Dynamics practice Tools driven approach Tested and mature processes Metrics Driven Project Management Why Canarys Team Canarys 18. Question & Answers We will share the presentation and the video recording of this session For any questions later you can send an email to Ill be happy to answer all your questions Team Canarys 19. Microsoft Dynamics Team Thank You all from Canarys Team Canarys