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Ultimate Cooling

Ultimate Overclocking Setting

First & Only Liquid Cooling Solution

Advanced Architecture design

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Ultimate Cooling

Specification1050MHz Core Speed1425MHz Memory Speed

(5.7Gbps)2,048 Stream Processors3GB GDDR5 Memory Size384-bit Bus WidthDVI + HDMI + 2xmini

DisplayPortOptimized by EK Water

BlocksDual BIOS Toggle Switch

Up to 1.05GHz Core Clock

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Dual BIOS Toggle Switch

Setting 1: OC settingSetting 2: factory


Back Panel DesignEnhances anti-bending ability to increase stability and heat dissipation of PCB

Gold Power KitEnhancing stability and power efficiency at overclocking mode

Liquid Cooling SolutionLiquid cooling design enables the ultimate cooling performance at superb OC mode with 0dB gaming environment.

Advanced Architecture Design

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Absolutely Silent Setting

Optimized By EK Water Blocks

Absolutely Silent Setting:

0dBOptimized by EK Water


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Ultimate Cooling

The First and Only Liquid Cooling Solution

Full Cover GPU, Memory and Mosfet

Nickel coated copper base offers ample thermal transfer from GPU, enhance thermal dissipating performance and anti-oxidizing

Acetal features its hardness and prevent moisture damaga so it can extend the life cycle

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Only 48° C at Furmark Test

Ultimate Cooling Performance

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Digital PWMUp to 90% Power EfficiencyDigital PWM solution works at a higher frequency and supports fine tuning adjustments at a output voltage, enhancing power efficiency up to 90%

DirectFET78% Less thermal producedMinimizing conduction losses with low Rdson and low Inductance, providing the highest voltage in a lower temp. with excellent reliabilityFerrite Core Choke33% higher powerFeaturing ultra high frequency which decreases ripple to deliver extreme stable voltage power, offering 33% extra power for GPU; furthermore, with shielded design provides less noise level

Stability UP!!

Gold Power Kit Design

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Gaming PerformanceUp to 42% Faster than GTX580

Test platform: AMD PheromII x6 [email protected] with Windows 7 64bit

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• Fitting for 3/8” inner diameter tubing• 5/8” outer diameter tubing clamp

• Fitting for 1/2” inner diameter tubing

• 3/4” outer diameter tubing clamp

*Accessories didn’t include the tube

Comprehensive Accessories Included

Easy & FlexibleDesign for Different Tubes

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Ultimate Cooling

Under 50°C at load

Soundless 0dB

OC Ability 10% Up

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