How To Set Up A Facebook Fan Page For Business

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Facebook 'how-to' for small business on the steps on setting up a business fan page. Originally presented at the UWF Small business Development Center in Pensacola January 2010. Updated March 2010


1.Steps to Setting Up a Business Fan Page how-to for business for uwf sbdcjay massey coco design2. about me Coco Design Web design Application development Internet marketing In Pensacola since 1994 10 employees Jay Massey Founder / CVO Internet marketing strategist Not an expert 3. Steps to setting up a business fan page 4. overview StrategyGetting started Adding content Updating Promoting 5. strategy 6. strategy Get one Who X 2 Who is the target audience Who is going to update the fan page What is the purposeWhen will you update Where? You are adding a social networking component to your current marketing / communications plan, plus 7. strategy Engagement 8. getting started 9. sign up or log in 10. profile vs. page Personal profile Friends only PersonalFamily photos Personal thoughts Privacy issues You have received a friend request from Acme Resort Company fan page Fans - anyone Public Its about business Company overviewCompany news & status Website & contact info Press releases Photos & videos Blog RSS feed Twitter updates Customer engagement Personal Profiles aredifferentthan Facebook Pages vs 11. getting started Log in Go to Click on 12. choose a organization category 13. choose type of company 14. Create Page (interactive tutorial) 15. adding content 16. add company info Easy to update Company logo Company information Images Videos Events Blog feeds (RSS)Proof your Page Publish your Page 17. maximize branding 200x600 pixels max 18. add applications Some app ideas: Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) - allows you to include any of your own HTML. Flash Player - upload your own Flash files for advanced customization. YouTube Box - import videos youve already loaded to YouTube. Kyte - create your own TV channel. Simple RSS - import your various feeds.19. fbml content (advanced) Specialized content Add a Custom Tab with Static FBML app Advanced functionality using the Facebook Static FBML application. This application will add a box to your Page in which you can use HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization.More info search static fbml or May need to get professional help 20. customized sample 1 21. customized sample 2 22. updating 23. updating your page Facebook (web) Twitter Smart phone RSS feed Selective Twitter Status application 24. promoting 25. basic promotion tips Vanity URL Once you have more than 100 fans on your page, set up your business fan page vanity URL. Go to http: /username/ and click on the link "Set a usernamefor your Pages." Add Vanity URL to business card & email signature Search engines can see you fan page Add SEO friendly content just like your web siteSeek professional help Im just sayin 26. getting some fans Tell your Facebook friends On the left side of you fan page (when logged in) you will see a link "Suggest toFriends". That is a way to suggest your fan page to your personalconnections Send an email Send a short email to your business contactsaskingthem to check out your company's Facebook page and give them a link. Be compelling You will have greater results in gaining fans if you give them a compelling reason to be a fan, e.g. tip of the week, special offers, etc. Paid promotion You can always try a paid promotion.Click on the Find New Fans tab athttp:// /advertising/?pages 27. create buzz Get a new domain and point it to fan page Use TwitterCreate exclusive content Hold drawings Create a photo / video contest Start engaging conversation on Discussion Board Call your Fan Page a Fan Club Buy social ads Acknowledge fans 28. summary 29. how to summary Sign up or log in to Facebook Go tohttp:// /pages/ Click on Create a Page (upper right) Select organization catagory (business, brand, artist, etc.) Select type of company Name your page (be careful, you cannot change it) Add content Publish your page Get 100 fans and pick a vanity URL name Consider Selective Tweets application for Facebook Consider customizing your page with FBML Promote, update, ENGAGE! 30. thank you! BLOG