Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the only 3D scaling storage platform designed for all data types. It is the only storage architecture that flexibly adapts for performance, capacity and multivendor storage. Combined with unique Hitachi Command Suite management software, it transforms the data center.

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  • 1. Transform the Data Center
    Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
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  • 2. Data and Information Grow at Extraordinary Rates
    The number of servers in an organization is expected to grow by 50% in 2010
    Regulations and laws now require more data to be protected longer
    The volume of new healthcare data quadruples every two years
    Virtualization is now mainstream with 30% of servers virtualized today
    In 2009, more virtual servers than physical servers were deployed
    Data grows an average of 30% each year
  • 3. ITs Ability to React Is Severely Limited
    Only 5% of the typical IT budget is available for investment
    • 70% maintains the infrastructure
    • 4. 20% maintains software applications
    Data centers are running out of space and cooling capacity but funds for expansion are limited
    Operational costs are more than 65% of storage costs and still increasing
    Large organizations must manage 1,000s of hosts and 10,000s volumes
    Application workloads often grow faster than capacity growth does
    Equipment is aging and requires costly maintenance contracts
  • 5. What IT Needs Next
    Todays economy requires organizations and IT to adapt quickly in order to:
    • Support operations and always-on business
    • 6. Leverage existing investments longer
    • 7. Reduce operational costs without added complexity
    • 8. Increase utilization and efficiency of storage assets
    • 9. React to changing business requirements by redeploying services
    • 10. Turn data into business information and unlock new value


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