Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate

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<ul><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p>Panel Discussion: </p><p>Harnessing The Power of ArchiMate </p><p> Iver Band, Facilitator The Open Group Conference, Newport Beach, California </p><p>January 30, 2013 </p><p>ArchiMate and TOGAF are registered </p><p>trademarks of The Open Group. </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p> Financial services company </p><p> Founded in 1906 </p><p> Our purpose: </p><p> We help people achieve financial well-being and peace of mind. </p><p> Expertise: </p><p> Group Life &amp; Disability Insurance </p><p> Individual Disability Insurance </p><p> Retirement Plans </p><p> Individual Annuities </p><p> Commercial Mortgages </p><p> Investment advice </p><p> Headquarters in Portland, Ore. </p><p> 3,100 Employees </p><p>2 </p><p>The Standard </p><p>January 31, 2013 </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p> Enterprise Architect based in Portland, Oregon Infrastructure, application and </p><p>business architecture </p><p> Architecture methods and governance </p><p> Previously at HP Security and infrastructure </p><p>architecture </p><p> Security research </p><p> IT and R&amp;D management </p><p> Middleware product development </p><p> Mainframe systems programming </p><p> Before that Mainframe and midrange </p><p>application development </p><p>Facilitator Profile: Iver Band </p><p>3 January 31, 2013 </p><p> Vice Chair, The Open Group </p><p>ArchiMate Forum TOGAF 9 Certified </p><p> ArchiMate 2 Certified </p><p> CISSP, CIP </p><p> Outside of Work Family </p><p> Hiking </p><p> Reading </p><p> Scrabble </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p> Communicate what is unique about the ArchiMate language, given many other choices </p><p> Provide a look at the ArchiMate language at work </p><p> What does a model look like and how does it solve a problem? </p><p> Ilustrate the variety of projects for which you can use the ArchiMate language </p><p>We Are Here To Help You Evaluate and </p><p>Use the ArchiMate Language </p><p>4 January 31, 2013 </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p> Introduction </p><p> Panelist Presentations </p><p> Open Discussion </p><p> Closing Remarks </p><p>Agenda </p><p>5 January 31, 2013 </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p> Jason Uppal, QRS </p><p> Why an industry consortium selected the ArchiMate language to model the healthcare industry </p><p> Bill Poole, JourneyOne </p><p> Improving the performance, perception and value proposition of EA at a global mining organization by adopting the ArchiMate language as </p><p>the EA modeling standard </p><p> Sven van Dijk, BiZZdesign </p><p> How a global organization uses the ArchiMate language to describe and connect the business process and application domains </p><p> Yves Cote, Versatil-i-T Consulting </p><p> A real-life example of the ArchiMate language centering on the Implementation and Migration Extension. </p><p>Panelist Presentations </p><p>6 January 31, 2013 </p></li><li><p>QRS |clinicalMessage 7| page QR Systems Inc. 2013 </p><p> Jason Uppal, P.Eng. </p><p>Ontario Canada </p><p> 25 years Business </p><p>Process Improvement </p><p> Open CA Level 3 </p><p>Certified </p><p> Working with TOGAF </p><p>since 2005 </p><p> Book Business </p><p>Transformation, eBook </p></li><li><p>QRS |clinicalMessage 8| page QR Systems Inc. 2013 </p><p>Global Context </p></li><li><p>QRS |clinicalMessage 9| page QR Systems Inc. 2013 </p><p>The Problem </p></li><li><p>QRS |clinicalMessage 10| page QR Systems Inc. 2013 </p><p>Health Population </p><p>Not an American Problem </p></li><li><p>QRS |clinicalMessage 11| page QR Systems Inc. 2013 </p><p>Health Population </p><p>What does it mean? </p><p>Health Outcome/$ Spent </p><p>Capability Measures [Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim Measures] </p><p> Mortality Experience of Care Per Capital Cost </p></li><li><p>QRS |clinicalMessage 12| page QR Systems Inc. 2013 </p><p>Health Population Enterprise Architecture </p><p>Enterprise: Population Health Key Stakeholders: Payers Providers Population Patients Society Repeat Country </p><p>Enterprise Architecture </p><p>Requirements </p></li><li><p>QRS |clinicalMessage 13| page QR Systems Inc. 2013 </p><p>Why the ArchiMate Modeling Language? </p><p> frameworks invention - </p><p> it is good enough, and open, </p><p> entire industry is available to support, </p><p>education and reference architecture , </p><p> people like Yves are leading the </p><p>conversation on content as opposed to </p><p>endless frameworks debate </p><p>Content Debate </p></li><li><p>QRS |clinicalMessage 14| page QR Systems Inc. 2013 </p><p>Health Affairs, 32, no.1 (2013):63-68 Technology What It Will Take To Achieve The As-Yet-Unfulfilled Promises Of Health Information Arthur L. Kellermann and Spencer S. Jones Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Care Coordination Model: Better Care at Lower Cost for People. Cambridge, MA; 2011. Available at http://www.ihi.org/knowledge/Pages/IHIWhitePapers/IHICareCoordinationModelWhitePaper.aspx Institute of Medicine, Workshop Series. Digital Infrastructure for the Learning Health System: The Foundation for Continuous Improvement in Health and Health Care. Washington, DC: National Academy of Press; 2012.Available at http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2011/Digital-Infrastructure-for- a-Learning-Health-System.aspx </p><p>References </p></li><li><p>Bill Poole Personal Introduction </p><p>1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 15 </p><p> 15 years experience across Telecommunications, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Insurance, Oil &amp; Gas </p><p>and Mining industries </p><p> Last 8 years in consulting </p><p> Last 7 years in business/IT planning, strategy and architecture roles </p><p> Currently leading the Enterprise Architecture discipline within JourneyOne </p></li><li><p>Business Context </p><p>1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 16 </p><p> Our client had an EA practice with 5 Enterprise Architects, using a home grown metamodel based on the </p><p>Zachman framework </p><p> The EA practice set the modelling standards and acted in a governance capacity over IT projects </p><p> The architecture models were very hard to read, so stakeholders outside the EA practice ignored them </p><p> The models were largely disconnected from the actual delivered solutions </p><p> The EA function added little value, but added substantial cost and time to projects </p></li><li><p>Why the ArchiMate Modeling Language? </p><p>1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 17 </p><p> ArchiMate was chosen as the new modelling standard because: </p><p> As an open standard it doesnt lock the client into any one EA tool, it puts the burden of training architects back on the market </p><p>(i.e. ArchiMate experience can be a prerequisite of employment), </p><p>and it is developed by global experts free of charge to the client </p><p> It is very semantically precise, so models produced by different architects are read by all stakeholders to have the same </p><p>meaning </p><p> ArchiMate models are intuitive to understand, meaning business stakeholders do not need training to understand the models </p><p> ArchiMate models (properly modelled) are very visually appealing, increasing their adoption across the business </p></li><li><p>Example Business Context Model </p><p>1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 18 </p><p>Group</p><p>Group Payroll </p><p>Services</p><p>Mineral </p><p>ProductionTreasury</p><p>Contract </p><p>Mines</p><p>Mineral Division</p><p>Customer</p><p>Shipping </p><p>Agent</p><p>Marine </p><p>Surveyor</p><p>Contract Labs</p><p>EPCM </p><p>Contractors</p><p>Group IT </p><p>Services</p><p>Maintenance </p><p>Contractors</p><p>Drilling </p><p>Contractor</p><p>Explosives </p><p>Contractor</p><p>IT System </p><p>Maintenance </p><p>Contractor</p><p>IT System </p><p>Integrators</p><p>Vessel</p><p>Shipped</p><p>ProductShips </p><p>Captain</p><p>Delivered</p><p>Product</p><p>Coarse Ore </p><p>Production</p><p>Sample </p><p>Analysis</p><p>EPCM </p><p>Services</p><p>Fixed and </p><p>Mobile Asset </p><p>Maintenance</p><p>Drilling</p><p>Blasting</p><p>IT Help Desk</p><p>IT Project </p><p>Design and </p><p>Delivery</p><p>MatesReceipt</p><p>Vessel</p><p>Movements</p><p>Draft Survey</p><p>Results</p><p>Orders and</p><p>Payments</p><p>Invoices, Bill of</p><p>Lading and </p><p>Certificate of </p><p>Analysis</p></li><li><p>Example End-to-End Process Model </p><p>1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 19 </p><p>Mineral Division</p><p>Blasthole drilling-to-Train loading Car dumping-to-Ship sailing</p><p>Forecast-to-Plan</p><p>Short term mine planning-to-Scheduling Short term logistics planning-to-Scheduling</p><p>Production-to-Reporting</p><p>Sample collection-to-Grade awareness</p><p>Project identification-to-Handover</p><p>Commissioning-to-Decommissioning</p><p>Vision-to-Strategy</p><p>Exploration-to-Rehabilitation</p><p>5 Year Plan</p><p>5 Year Plan</p><p>2 Year Plan</p><p>Maintenance Plans</p><p>Ore for Rail</p><p>2 Year</p><p>Plan</p><p>Mine Schedules</p><p>Logistics</p><p>SchedulesBlast Hole Samples</p><p>Exploration Samples</p><p>Shipping Samples</p><p>Production Actuals Port Movements</p><p>Maintenance Plans Maintenance Plans</p><p>Life of Asset Plan</p><p>Mine Grades Port &amp; Shipping Grades</p><p>Production</p><p>Actuals</p><p>Port</p><p>Movements</p><p>Financial close-to-Reporting</p><p>Approved ActualsTotal Mineral Inventory Project Expenditure</p></li><li><p>Example Application Usage Model </p><p>1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 20 </p><p>Sample collection-to-Grade awareness</p><p>Laboratory </p><p>Information </p><p>Management </p><p>System</p><p>Geological </p><p>Modelling </p><p>System</p><p>Inventory </p><p>Management </p><p>System</p><p>Sample </p><p>Available</p><p>Collect </p><p>Sample</p><p>Prepare </p><p>Sample</p><p>Update </p><p>Geological </p><p>Model</p><p>Analyse </p><p>Sample</p><p>Register </p><p>Sample</p><p>Take On </p><p>Inventory</p><p>Block Out </p><p>Blast Blocks</p><p>Update </p><p>Production </p><p>Model</p><p>Update </p><p>Shipping </p><p>Model</p><p>Sample </p><p>Registration</p><p>Sample </p><p>Tracking</p><p>Geological </p><p>Modelling</p><p>Grade </p><p>Adjustment</p><p>Inventory Take </p><p>On</p></li><li><p>Value of the ArchiMate Standard </p><p>1/31/2013 Harnessing the Power of ArchiMate 21 </p><p> ArchiMate has been proven within the client to: </p><p> Be eagerly adopted by business stakeholders </p><p> Be easily understood by business stakeholders </p><p> Support integration of all models produced by disparate architecture teams across a single </p><p>architecture landscape, through all levels of detail and </p><p>all plateaus </p><p> Architecture models now add value during strategic cycles, and project and programme planning phases </p><p> Resistance to doing architecture work has dramatically decreased </p></li><li><p>Personal introduction </p><p>Sven van Dijk Boston, MA </p><p>+1-617-308-6497 </p><p>s.vandijk@bizzdesign.com </p><p>@vandijk_s </p><p> Business and IT majors, University of Twente (NL) </p><p> Experience in application and business consulting, BPM and EA </p><p> BiZZdesign North America </p><p> Consultant and Trainer EA and BPM </p><p> TOGAF9.1 and ArchiMate2.0 </p><p> Expertise in telecommunications, finance, construction, utilities </p><p>ArchiMate and TOGAF are registered trademarks of The Open Group. </p></li><li><p>Business context </p><p> Tata Steel IJmuiden (NL), part of Tata Group </p><p> Steel product manufacturing for automotive, construction, energy &amp; power, packaging, etc. </p><p> Development of EA function: from isolated process- and application architectures to an integrated EA </p><p> Main business drivers: </p><p> Merger: Introduction of New Operating Model (NOM) and Group Information Services department </p><p> Large projects like Supply Chain Transformation (SCT) </p><p> Economic crisis </p></li><li><p>Why the ArchiMate Modeling Language? </p><p> Coherent </p><p> Emphasis for Tata is on coherent modeling of business processes, information systems, and technology. </p><p> Complete </p><p> ArchiMate offers a complete framework of concepts in the business, application, and technology layer, including motivation and </p><p>implementation </p><p> Open </p><p> ArchiMate is an open standard </p></li><li><p>SCT Level 0 process flow </p></li><li><p>High level application landscape and </p><p>data flows </p></li><li><p>SCT Level 0 Process flow and mapping to </p><p>applications </p></li><li><p>SCT Level 1 processes and applications </p></li><li><p>Value of the ArchiMate standard </p><p> Achieved integration of business process architecture and application architecture </p><p> Improved presentation of complex architectures through viewpoints for different audiences </p><p> Improved communication for both business and IT stakeholders </p></li><li><p>Property of Versatil-i-T Consulting Inc. </p><p>Yves Cote </p><p>Personal Introduction </p><p> More than 30 years in IT </p><p> Last 15 years in strategy and architecture roles </p><p> 20 years in manufacturing (Alcan Aluminium) </p><p> 6 years with IBM Global Business Services </p><p> Started Versatil-i-t Consulting Inc in 2008 </p><p> Last 6 years in retail architecture </p><p> Launched ArchStore.biz in 2012 </p><p>30 January 29th, 2013 </p></li><li><p>Property of Versatil-i-T Consulting Inc. </p><p>Business Context </p><p> Enterprise architecture consultant with auto glass repair and replace (AGRR) leader for 2 years </p><p> Strategic program to replace existing POS system with multi-channel sales solution : Silo operations cross business unit, integrated processes </p><p> Many non-integrated systems one integrated system </p><p> Redundant systems one cross-channel system </p><p> Expected benefits : Increase sales </p><p> Increase productivity </p><p> Increase competitiveness </p><p> Used to build the CGSI (Car Glass Services Inc) case study based </p><p>31 January 29th, 2013 </p></li><li><p>Property of Versatil-i-T Consulting Inc. </p><p>Why the ArchiMate Modeling Language? </p><p> Looking for a standard way to model architectures </p><p> UML used for application architecture only </p><p> ArchiMate covers all architecture domains </p><p> ArchiMate models are adequate for business audience although not sexy </p><p>32 January 29th, 2013 </p></li><li><p>Migration View </p><p>January 29th, 2013 33 </p><p>Plateau </p><p>View </p><p>Project </p><p>View </p></li><li><p>Project View </p><p>January 29th, 2013 34 </p><p>Plateau </p><p>View </p></li><li><p>Plateau View </p><p>January 29th, 2013 35 </p></li><li><p>Property of Versatil-i-T Consulting Inc. </p><p>Value of the ArchiMate Standard </p><p> Avoid writing text to describe the roadmap and architecture people will pay attention to pictures more than reading text </p><p> Common language and communication device with IT and business stakeholders </p><p> Demonstrate that we master complexity </p><p> Build synergy with all stakeholders </p><p>36 January 29th, 2013 </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p>Open Discussion </p><p>37 January 31, 2013 </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p> As of January 23, 2013 </p><p> 74 ArchiMate Forum member organizations </p><p> 367 ArchiMate 2 certifications </p><p> 9 Accredited ArchiMate 2 training courses </p><p> 3 Certified ArchiMate modeling tools </p><p>The ArchiMate Community is Healthy </p><p>and Growing </p><p>38 January 31, 2013 </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p>Archimate Downloads from Open Group Website </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p>ArchiMate Open Group Downloads from </p><p>Open Group Website to Top 6 Countries: </p><p>Increase from 2011 to 2012 </p><p>40 January 31, 2013 </p><p>0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000</p><p>India</p><p>Canada</p><p>Australia</p><p>Netherlands</p><p>UK</p><p>USA</p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p> Available at http://archi.cetis.ac.uk/ for Window, Mac and Linux </p><p> Supports the ArchiMate 2 language </p><p> Regularly maintained and enhanced </p><p> Excellent single-user tool </p><p> Excellent precursor and adjunct to commercial multi-user tools </p><p> Global user community </p><p> Monthly average site statistics for July-December 2012 </p><p> 5,000 site visits, 57% new </p><p> Nearly 500 unique tool downloads per month </p><p> Over 440 unique documentation downloads per month </p><p>Archi Free and Open Source Modeling </p><p>Tool Accelerates ArchiMate Adoption </p><p>41 January 31, 2013 </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p><p> Iver Band, The Standard </p><p> iver.band@standard.com </p><p> Jason Uppal, QRS </p><p> jason.uppal@qrs3e.com </p><p> Bill Poole, JourneyOne </p><p> bill.poole@journeyone.com.au </p><p> Sven van Dijk, BiZZdesign </p><p> s.vandijk@bizzdesign.com </p><p> Yves Cote, Versatil-i-t </p><p> ycote@versatil-i-t.com </p><p>Contact Information </p><p>42 January 31, 2013 </p></li><li><p> 2010 Standard Insurance Company </p></li></ul>