Harnessing the power of Social

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eMBA - Management of Technology, HEC, 29th March 2014 Keynote on Social Media and how we use it at coolbrandz. Key insight: for great things to happen online, people need awesome experiences offline. If it's WoW, WoM will spread.


coolbrandz Le web au fminin

Harnessing the power of social eMBA - Management of TechnologyHEC, 29th March 2014eileen schuch | @eileenschuchYour speakerLinguistic sciences (semantics, pragmatics)Corporate communications, brand managementBusiness development, strategic marketingSpecialized in digital marketing and SoMeMgmtEntrepreneur (social, tech startup)

I believe in the power of word of mouth!www.coolbrandz.comEileen SchuchE: buzz@coolbrandz.comM: +41 76 322 23 03T: @eileenschuch

What is coolbrandz?Find it.Try it.Share it.Buy it.Love it.AttentionContactsInsightsSalesAmbassadorsLoyaltyPromotionCommunicationAds/PRTryvertising WoMStorytellingtoolsSeeding ShopBusiness accelerator for products in the launch phaseContent aggregator for brand related, user generated contentCommunity builder and activator Attention:MediaAgencyCRMCommunityE-Commerceinside!Whats with the cool?Cool is very subjective

Sound, sight, taste, hapticsTradition, innovation Behavior, ritualsbrands voicecoolbrandersvoice

geekmumfoodiefashionistanpaExpertise & Getting it right:

the right product, to the right person, at the right time, in the right placeWe talk about

FoodFashionTechnologyBeautyPeople Events IdeasSame brand, several verticals!360portraitYou try it, you make it cool!

Real product experienceStorytelling toolsSocial proofactivistCH: complex, fragmented market

26 cantons, 4 national languages41,285 km2, 8 Mio inhabitants1 Rstigraben, 1 GotthardConfoederatio Helvetica: in numbers

Il a dit quoi?Non sentire nulla.I weiss nt!Im a fabulous chocolate brand!Evolution of communication

2003Conversational marketing2000Mass media, technology1950Experiences, conversationsExperiential marketing2006New media, PR2009Social Media Boom2011Mobile2012WoMMEngagement marketing: fosters loyalty

MarketingexprientielMarketingsensorielAllow consumers to shape, to contribute to what they experience. exprience

MarketingexprientielMarketingsensorielexprience MarketingexprientielMarketingsensoriel

experienceExperiential marketingSensory marketing2D > 5D brandingExperiences get people talking

WoMClient = MediaWoW

Product = Best WoM tool PartageStory Create remarkable product experiencesAllow for offline, real life touchpointsTouch emotions and engageIntegrate buzz directly in the product WoM: most efficient marketing

92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising. 74% in 200990% Offline (face to face, telephone)10% Online (blogs, forums, social media) Brand related conversationsOnline conversationsReviewsTestimonialsRatingsEvaluationsVideos

Impact purchase decisions even before we go to the POSSummary: offline, onlineFor things to happen online, things have to happen offline.

Brands can impact on how consumers experience their products.

Social media help to connect, listen, amplify messages and measure impact.Facebook & Co. tip of the icebergFollowers are cool, advocates are better.Brands need love, not likes.Know thy community. Build real relationships.Case 1: Somersby

Fun Lab: the co-creation space

Creation of a pop-up communityCoolbrandz community activation500 Swiss influencers migratedBrainstorming of launch campaign

co-creationFun Lab 1: unlocking the crowdToolsProcessesCommunicationRecruitmentAttitudesBehavioursTerritoryCRMExciting influencersPulling them inOpen-mindednessSocialising, aperoStrategic decisionsLaunch planMarketing materialBrand unrevealedCategory unknownNotoriety, attentionSocial status

Fun Lab 2: harnessing socialMarketing material submittedLaunch ideas brainstormedFood associations asked forSocial media plan introduced Contextual settings confirmedStorytelling elements refinedWoM accelerators identifiedWoM Kit composedStrategic partnershipsProduction planEarly adopter programmeBrand revealedCategory revealedImage, desireLove brand

Fun Lab 3: community activation2500 Swiss consumers get to try the drinkTheir mission: have fun and give feedback24 bottles each for free >> organise apero

Funlab firstP2PInvite

CommunityWoM community buildingOwn communityCarlsberg communityBloggersSMEs2500 Swiss consumers60000 bottles to distribute

Invitation SelectionProduct trial: personal storiesRelease of first productsMission and materialTriggers and timing

IdentificationBrandingContextGamificationMultisensoryProduct experienceSocial proof: online stories

Somersby!!! Just a good party with friends!Apro entre amis. #tellement #trop #bon #apro #avec #des #amis #et #somersbyswitzerland#somersbyswitzerland nach der Arbeit mit dem Arbeitskolleg... Lecker #afterworkCommunity growth: office aperoRelease of second waveSME benefitting from visibility

Pop-in pick-up events: tasting

Release of third wave Bars benefitting from visibilityOwn network and bars clients

Event coverage: driving content

Facebook photo albumInstagram picturesYouTube video

Private events: art, design, sportArt galleries, blogger partiesPartners eventsStudent gatherings

Online content: user generated

Online content: blogger stories

Case 2: Krastase Styling1 month115 products = real life experienceLaunch of new product category

15 bloggers, 100 consumers

Online audience ~1500000 Swiss consumers,~200000 engaged online in brand related interactions.

~80000 views (interview, tutorials)Case 3: Nestl Cereals1000 WoM kits (different varieties)Change in recipe: less sugar, more wholegrainVia coolbranders own personal networks alone:

Audience ~157000 Swiss consumers, ~20000 brand related interactions generated by people with real life product experience.

~60000 views (campaign teaser)

1000 consumers, focus, D-CH, womenSummary: social brandingA brand is no longer what it says it is. It consists of all the conversations about it.

Peer to peer interactions accelerate and foster brand building.

Social media are an important vector in amplifying brand related communications. Anticipate P2P messagesProvide territory and toolsDrive the conversationProvide products and experiences that add value to peoples lives.www.coolbrandz.comMerci de votre attention. Vous tes cool!