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  • 1. Case Studies,SM & DM 101How to generate revenue throughFacebook
  • 2. What we are going to do The Who Me & My Agency The Why Socialnomics/Mobilenomics Consumerization The What I do social media Three case studies Results I obtained How Fan page tour Facebook ads / impressions Landing pages / FB tabs Campaigns Social Sooner G.R.O.W can help
  • 3. Generating Revenue OnlineWorkshopPresented byJason Cass, CIC , Ryan Hanley, CIC& Brian AppletonThe GROW mission is to provide every Independent Insurance Agent with the toolsand knowledge to generate revenue from their online
  • 4. Ground Rules Ask lots of questions Even dumb questions We dont expect you to be an expert Be prepared for our honest opinion You can always follow up with us We may go on a tangent It will always be relevant We dont care if you email or send texts You dont have to ask us to go the bathroom
  • 5. Myths About Selling Online Internet Shoppers Buy on Price If we dont treat our product like a commodity theywont buy it like a commodity We Need To Be On Every Social Media Site to beSuccessful Success online is about becoming a valuable resource Consumers Need Our Expertise The information gates to our knowledge have beenunlocked
  • 6. Common Objectionsto Social Media We work on referrals So does the Internet It takes too much time You dont have time for to generate revenue? I dont know anything about computers Hire someone that does I dont like the Internet But your clients do
  • 7. I Am Jason Cass Married w/ two sons Owner of JDC Insurance Chairman of National YACfor Big I Original CAP Task Forcemember ACT liaison to theNational YAC IIA of IL YAC member
  • 8. My agency JDC Insurance Group LLP est. 1.1.2010 80% Commercial 15% Personal (agency owners told me this was important) 5% Life Completely mobile agency Desk Laptop / Extra monitor All in one printer No fax, phone, or filing cabinets 98.9% paperless Niche agency: Railroad contractors, warehouses, manufacturing Social services *Hotels*
  • 9. How big is social?Socialnomics
  • 10. How big is mobileMobilenomics
  • 11. ConsumerizationIs an term used to describe emergence of info. technology:First in the consumer marketThen spread into businessIn years past, many technology-based products have had their beginningsin the defense & business markets:Facsimile machinesCalculatorsMobile phonePersonal computers
  • 12. Consumerization First, products that were designed for individualconsumers, are now appealing in the workplaceand demand of these products are increasing inthe workplace
  • 13. Consumerization Second, No one cares how much youknow, until they know how much you care Getting your employees to share & use productive andenhancing consumer technology at and away from workwill be a wise strategy. Creates a window that shows transparency, builds trust, andyour brand.
  • 14. The beginning What I wanted: People to know that I had started my own agency People to know that I was a different type of agency. Wanted to brand and market where the people are of my niches To attract the families with homes, two or more cars, and have average to good credit What I had: Budget of $500.00 for advertising for the year! Very limited technology & social media skills Goals: In the next two years I wanted to derive 51% or more of my leads from online In my first year I wanted to write at least $20,000 in premium from being online By my second year I wanted to write at least $50,000 Do it by being different.and...being where the people are
  • 15. What I didBeing involved in my state and national association enabled meto meet and network with highly successful marketing agents of technology.Like you, I kept hearing about social media and occasionally heard great stories ofagents being successful marketing their agencies online.soI started my social sites for JDC on April 11th, 2010. Facebook Twitter LinkedInYouTube came about a month laterBrand and market through: Post Ads Discussions Videos Comments Likes ShareI can show you how I market and brand but I cant show you how I sell
  • 16. FB profile vs. FB fan page FB profile is your personal profile Friends Newsfeed (friends) Status Updates Share pictures/videos/events All can be shared on personal or fan pages 90% you/friends 10% your business or businesses
  • 17. FB profile vs. FB fan page Fans Page Newsfeed (friends) Status Updates Share pictures/videos/events All can be shared on personal or fan pages
  • 18. FB profile vs. FB fan page FB fan page 90% is content about them and their lives Blogs Infographs Your clients Video Pictures Celebrations Holidays 10% about your products and services
  • 19. Some things I do with Facebook Ads auger Get friends Run ads ( sponsored stories ) Get fans Get their email or contact information ( giveaways) Run contest & sweepstakes Like & Interest ads Get your message out to the exact person Direct them to what you want them to see Niche and target marketing at its best Generic branding ads Happy Birthday Thank you Holiday ads Specials or current events *Mobile*
  • 20. Facebook tips Follow others Comment, like, and share what they post Create other pages STL Cardinal squirrels Local viral Acuity Trucking Like your clients and showcase them Create a URL for your fan page
  • 21. Other social sites Twitter- is a media outlet I use to: Stay connected with others instantly Broadcast to a large select audience YouTube- is the future and I use to: Broadcast myself on the jdcins channel Use video to market through email and website LinkedIn I use to: Prospecting -Business Discussions Google plus Biggest thing moving forward Content Pintrest Share pictures
  • 22. Case studies
  • 23. Case Study #1Started Social Media 4.11.2010 Built a social presence Started working with CAP 6.24.2011Facebook iPad2 Referral Contest Refer friend, family, co-worker, or yourself Present a quote Didnt have to buy, just allow me to present a quote proposal Entered into a contest to win an iPad2 (Can use Make-A-Wish or othernon-financial incentives depending on state regulations) The referrer and the refereeContest Period Nov 14 Dec 31 Drawing January 1st at 12:01am by VideoUpload to All Social SitesCONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY. Exclusively for use and distributionby Consumer Agent Portal, LLC. All rights reserved.
  • 24. My resultsGenerated 19 Referrals in 6 Weeks!Social & digital referrals only, had others not related to contest Didnt fit agency philosophy of agency 5 Auto/Home Low limits, etc. Prospects given a proposal 14 NB clients from those proposals 11 (78% CR)Prior Insurance of 11 NB Clients State Farm 4 Independent Companies 3 Allstate 2 Country companies 2CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY. Exclusively for use and distributionby Consumer Agent Portal, LLC. All rights reserved.
  • 25. My resultsPrior Limits of 11 NB Clients 50/100/50 or 100 4 Moved 2 of those to 100/300 Moved 2 of those to 250/500 1 took UMB 100/300/50 or 100 5 Moved 2 of those to 250/500 1 took UMB 250/500/ 250 Both had UMB 2 Moved one to 500/500 because of underlying limits due to UMBCONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY. Exclusively for use and distributionby Consumer Agent Portal, LLC. All rights reserved.
  • 26. My resultsAuto/Home Packages All EFT 10 of 11 Total Policies Written 38 (3.4/Client) Auto 11 Home 11 UMB- 5 Dwelling fire-4 Motorcycle - 3 Boat- 4 Total Written Premium $28,000 FY (34,000 SY) Total Annual Commission $4,200 FY ($5,100 SY) Total Expense $1,650 (cost inc. CAP, Adv., iPad2) Total Profit $2,550 ($5,100 SY) ($7650 BY) Return on Investment 154% FY ($309% SY)CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY. Exclusively for use and distributionby Consumer Agent Portal, LLC. All rights reserved.