Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

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Social Media Presentation how you can use social media to drive traffic, increase awareness about your company or unique offerings within the local and national community, and communicate with their customers and following. Web 2.0 is about listening and interacting with customers in real time. This presentation will help you get started as a business owner on how to utilize Facebook to grow your business.

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  • 1.ConTACT Me TexT dyejo To 50500john dye 801.631.4736 twitter @dyejoFree service provided by

2. ConTACT Me philip CAse 801.362.9991 twitter @casephilipFree service provided by 3. Before we begin . . . I am a firm believer in principlesout of the chute, you should know there is no silver bullet2009 Fluid Studio 4. Social media is just one tool in the toolbox2009 Fluid Studio 5. We all have a circle of influence. Circle of Concern What you People arecare about.influenced by those they trustWhat you cando somethingabout.Circle of Influence 2009 Fluid Studio 6. People do not want to be sold tothey want to interact and be heard 2009 Fluid Studio 7. You cannot control the conversation, but you can participate in it 2009 Fluid Studio 8. The younger your customer, the less credible the traditional hard market- ing sell is2009 Fluid Studio 9. Although social media is one-to- many broadcast marketing, at the end of theday real results will occur when one-to-one relationships are formed 2009 Fluid Studio 10. The 4 Ps of marketing (product, price, place, promotion) still exist, but the 3 Rs (relevant, real, responsive) are rising quickly in a web 2.0 world, and will result in a 4th Rrelationship2009 Fluid Studio 11. Side-by-side comparison 2009 Fluid Studio 12. Side-by-side comparison Twitter detail2009 Fluid Studio 13. Side-by-side comparisonMySpace detail2009 Fluid Studio 14. Side-by-side comparisonFacebook detail2009 Fluid Studio 15. Demographics of Facebook users2009 Fluid Studio 16. Demographics Females 18-25 led Facebooks of Facebookdemographic categories this month, usersadding over 700,000 monthly activeusers to over 12.8 million.In addition, women over 45 showedstrong growth, while increasesin males over 35 were lower.However, on the whole, we seethat Facebook is still growing mostquickly percentage-wise amongstusers over 45 an interestingdemographic trend that startedearlier this year 2009 Fluid Studio 17. Demographics of Facebook users2009 Fluid Studio 18. Demographics of Facebook users2009 Fluid Studio 19. Demographics of Facebook users2009 Fluid Studio 20. Demographics of Facebook users2009 Fluid Studio 21. 11 Business Benefits of Using Facebook ApplicationsCompliments to marketing-jive.com2009 Fluid Studio 22. 11 Business1. Branding Benefits of Using Facebook Facebook can be a great resource Applications for generating brand awareness. Itcan help build relationships withyour prospects and clients.2009 Fluid Studio 23. 11 Business2. Customer Engagement Benefits of Using Facebook Using Facebook applications can Applications be a great way for communicatingpromotions, contests, and events. 2009 Fluid Studio 24. 11 Business3. Drive Web Traffic Benefits of Using Facebook Facebook can act as a portal point Applications for driving traffic to your site andother online properties.2009 Fluid Studio 25. A breakdown of the popularity of Facebook applications 2009 Fluid Studio 26. 11 Business4. Reputation Management Benefits of Using Facebook Facebook can be a useful tool for Applications listening and responding to whatusers are saying about you andyour brand.2009 Fluid Studio 27. 11 Business5. New Customer Acquisition Benefits of Using Facebook Facebook provides an opportunity Applications to find consumers you may havenot otherwise discovered (basedsolely on their interests and affinityalignments).2009 Fluid Studio 28. 11 Business6. Advertising Benefits of Using Facebook You can drill down and advertise Applications just to the target audience thathas the demographic footprint youdesire. 2009 Fluid Studio 29. 11 Business7. Client Retention Benefits of Using Facebook Facebook provides another Applications communication point to builda strong relationship with yourconsumer.2009 Fluid Studio 30. 11 Business8. Access to the social world and Benefits of its inherent value (the "in" factor) Using FacebookConsider the following scenario: a potential Applicationsprospect could be doing research on yourbrand or organization and may use Facebookto see if you have a presence there. Thenthey see that you have a Facebook profileand see a number of positive posts aboutyour brand. This in turn can shape theiropinion and could end up being one of manydeciding factors as to why the prospectselects you over a competitor. The perceptionthat Facebook is "in" and the fact that youare using Facebook could help influence theperception of your brand.2009 Fluid Studio 31. 11 Business9. The Viral Effect Benefits of Using Facebook Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. ApplicationsAnd Facebook is attracting quite thecrowd . . .2009 Fluid Studio 32. 11 Business10. Feedback Mechanism Benefits of Using Facebook Using Facebook and the various Applications applications available can help youunderstand consumer behavior based onthe sharing of content and commentaryon the social networking site. 2009 Fluid Studio 33. 11 Business11. Build Business Use Cases Benefits of Using Facebook Facebook can provide you with Applications an opportunity to build successfulbusiness cases as you target specificvertical markets with specificbusiness objectives. 2009 Fluid Studio 34. According to aSocial media sites continue to be study releasedan important source of community in January 2009 connection, and savvy retailers by Rosetta, anare reaping the benefits of interactive Facebooks rapid extension into new marketing agency, demographics, such as Gen X and 59 of the 100 seniors, said Adam Cohen, partner top retailers with Rosettas consumer goods and have a Facebook retail practice. presence.2009 Fluid Studio 35. Mr. Cohen said Its important that retailers dont that retailers just slap up a page because everyone should guard is talking about Facebook. An against casual effective presence requires that attitudes toward you carefully consider what your their Facebook customers are looking for, what you presences. would like to communicate, and whatrole a fan page should play in youroverall online strategy.2009 Fluid Studio 36. General Tips The most effective Facebook fanpages are updated on a regular basiswith new content.2009 Fluid Studio 37. General Tips If there's actually evidence thatthe page administrator is visitingregularly and interacting with thecommunity, the more engaged fanswill be (check out the wall on Dell'spage). 2009 Fluid Studio 38. General Tips Facebook pages work best when theirless about "me, me, me" and more about"you, you, you" (customer-centric). 2009 Fluid Studio 39. General Tips Be a good member of the community:promote others even more thanyou promote yourself. Linking andpromoting others is a nice way to showyou care about others and can set youapart as an expert in the field. 2009 Fluid Studio 40. General Tips The creative material of your messageshould be something that people wantto share virally with others. Makeit newsworthy, controversial, timely,immediately useful, or even humorous. 2009 Fluid Studio 41. General Tips Don't spamwrap your self-promotionin something of value to others. 2009 Fluid Studio 42. Tostitos on 0 to 17,000+ fans in one month Facebook: Case Study2009 Fluid Studio 43. Tostitos on The concept was simple. Get the Facebook: most rabid, dyed-in-the-wool fans to Case Studycompete against each other for the chance to win a $100,000 scholarship for their school.2009 Fluid Studio 44. Tostitos on Tactic: Facebook: Create a Facebook application that Case Studycollected fans info, a short paragraph about why they should be selected, and a photo showing their school spirit. 2009 Fluid Studio 45. Tostitos on Two teams were selected a few weeks Facebook: later, and they began a cross-country Case Studychallenge that started in NYC and ended at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on game day. Throughout the challenge, they were filmed and wrote updates about their experience on the Facebook fan page.2009 Fluid Studio 46. Tostitos on Results: Facebook: Case Studys 17,779 people became fans of the Facebook page s 56,531 page views s 39,477 unique visitors s 597 wall posts s 1098 entries with photos for the contest s 1925 entries to the contest were shared with a friends2009 Fluid Studio 47. Tostitos on Success Tip #2 Facebook: Case StudyInvite (and unite) a communityFacebook was a natural fit for this promotion. The first big spike on the fans chart above happened after the schools were announced. When the page first launched, Tostitos had to cast a somewhat wide net with their ad placement. After it was announced on December 7 that Ohio State and University of Texas were the two competing schools, Tostitos refined their ad target down to just current and alums of those schools. 2009 Fluid Studio 48. Tostitos on Success Tip #3 Facebook: Case Study(New) content is king!The next big spike in traffic can be brought attributed to status updates. Once the race began, the page lit up with new content on a very frequent basis. This created news feed items and gave fans a reason to come back to the page. Graphics and content were updated often.Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. There is no substitute. 2009 Fluid Studio 49. Adobe describes its results: About 10% of our page visitors played the game and, of those who played, 6% Adobes Real orclicked the Share button at the end of Fake campaignthe game, and 6% clicked Buy Now at the end of the game. Due to this game included a game and media placement, our page received on the companysover 6,000 new fans too. page, where users guessed whether an image was real or manipulated in Photoshop.2009 Fluid Studio 50. 30+ apps for doing business on Facebook 2009 Fluid Studio 51. Top 10 business applications for Facebook 2009 Fluid Studio 52. Bullseye GivesThe retail chain Target already gives 5 percent of its income to charity. During the "Bullseye Gives" campaign, they are allocating those fundswhich come out