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At the last F8 conference, Mark Zuckerburg shares that Facebook now has half a Billion users on-line. That is huge! AND for the next 5 yrs. APPS will be the focus in establishing viral connections!



2. Heres An Example User Gives permission User shares the application on their wall User clicks though on Facebook 3. Telus Uses the Facebook application For Its Marketing Campaigns

  • 0 250,000 Fans In Two Weeks

4. Alexa.com Alexa is a site which lists the most popular ads and sites 5. 7 Days Ago With only 1 Viral Application on Facebook 30 Fans Every 2 Seconds using a Facebook Application 6. Traffic using These Types Of Apps Can Increase Fast For A Local Business 7. What Makes Applications So Powerful! Email Capture With 1 Click... to access the application users must click to get a free coupon or promo!You in return will receive their email addresses for future mailings! 8. Build A List Of Subscribers Lead = Money 9. Email Capture Software

  • Using these email software packages you integrate with the FB application to capture all click through email
  • Aweber.com (recommended)
  • Getresponse.com
  • Icontact.com
  • Mailchimp.com
  • Interspire.com

10. Key Point! 11. The More Leads You Can Generate, The More Money Your Business Can Make 12. Send Emails To Your Subscribers When:

  • You Have A Special On
  • You Have Something Of Value To Give
  • e.g. Information, Freebies, Special Updates
  • You Have An Event On

13. How To Get Facebook Users To Happily Hand Over Their Information

  • Create An Ethical Bribe

14. What Would Motivate Your Prospect?

  • Special deal
  • Competition

An Event Free Giveaway 15. As your fan page builds,engage your fans 16. How To Engage Your Fans 17. How Many Of Your Competition Are Currently On Facebook? or shall I say utilizing FB to its fullest?

  • Very Few?... If Any?

18. How Many Of Your Competition Are Currently Using A Facebook Application?

  • Zero

19. You Can Use A Facebook Application To Get The Leg Up Today! 20. You Need This Because

  • You Can Now Direct People From Your Business To Go To Your Facebook Page And Share It With Their Friends
  • Use A Facebook Application To Build A Responsive & Profitable List
  • Email Out Or Direct People To Your Facebook Page Application To Engage With You And Grow Your Business the RIGHT WAY!

21. If Youre Ready To Get Ahead Of Your Competition And Have More Customers Walking Through Your Door From Facebook Book A Meeting With Us at Infinite Change Creative Internet Marketing & Choose From Our Wide Variety Of Custom Designs