Essay about inventions and discoveries
Essay about inventions and discoveries
Essay about inventions and discoveries

Essay about inventions and discoveries

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English level 4Unit 7. Inventions and discoveries

Essay about inventions and discoveries

Teacher: Elena Tirado Student's name: Jess Adolfo Flores Carbajal Registration: 1810030 Shift: morningClassroom 126Specialty: Industrial electronics

Monterrey, Nuevo Len to December 2, 2016

Essay about inventions and discoveries


Early humans were nothing, we didnt have nothing, there werent houses, offices, shelters, did not exist even a small light that could light your way. But we have been smarter, we have adapted this world to us, I think it is not having problems, as we have been able to solve them, and the way people do things, it`s their main weapon in this world that just tries to kill you and end with you and your dreams. And it could not accomplish all of this without technology and inventions, in this essay I will try to talk a little about this subject.

Development Innovation is defined as the transformation of an idea into a product or marketable, new or improved equipment; in a process operating in the industry or trade, or a new methodology for social organization. First when a discovery is accomplished, brings many changes in the life of the people, at the time that new things are created or discovered unknown things, it changes their lives, which may be for good or for evil, but the main objective of this is that it improves our lives, we can adapt better in this world and that our life is much easier. Some discoveries and inventions that we have experienced, are penicillin, the computer, calculator, phone, train, automobile, vaccination, weapons, nuclear bomb, that are some things which have changed our lives, but its all depends on the human being and the purposes for which the employment. These creations have improved our life, it have prevented many dead, disasters, tragedies than ever we were going to imagine that they would happen, but this happens thanks to the initiative of the human being, his curiosity to the need to survive and adapt to an unknown world, which never attained would anything without technology, innovation, discoveries and inventions.

ConclusionFinally this world has improved much, thanks to those inventions that we could achieve, it cost too much effort, and that we miss by improvement, but considered that can achieve more things, if we work all together, there arent obstacles, to us, because it, only we need a small shows of curiosity and desire to resolve our doubts and all it others, no matter where they come. Bibliography