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2. ACTIVITY 1 Think of five problems that you have in your daily life and need their inventions. Explain the reasons and number them in importance. For visiting my grandparents I need a car For breakfast we need some cold milk so we use a fridge. For writing I need a pencil or a pen For sitting we need a chair. For waking up we need an alarm clock. 3. ACTIVITY 2 INVENTIONS DATES Helicopters 1907 Crossword puzzles 1913 Hair dryers 1920 Helicpoters 1924 Electric washing machine 1925 Television 1930 Electric guitar 1935 Frozen food 1939 Video tape recorder 1950 Credit cards 1956 Internet 1969 Personal computer 1975 4. ACTIVITY 3 THE COOLEST INVENTIONS Which of the previous inventions is your favourite? Why? My favourite invention is bright eyes, because the eyes is one of the most important thing for the people. And is better than the others. 5. ACTIVITY 4 CRAZY INVENTIONS Match the following names with the pictures 1 Ruler belt 2 Finger glass 3 Cookie cup 4 Stair drawer 6. ACTIVITY 5 VOCABULARY Translate into Spanish and make new sentences using them Keep rowing: Sigue remando It goes without saying: Ni que decir tiene que Small mind: Molestar poco Thanks to: Gracias a To improve our world: Mejorar nuestro mundo Regardless: En cualquier caso On the spot: En el mismo momento 7. VOCABULARY Keep rowing, dont stop. It goes without saying that you can't leave your like unlocked in the city. He small mind. Thanks to my best friend Ellen, I got to the airport on time. He wants to improve our world. Regardless I wont win. On the spot I was in my house. 8. GRAMMAR Use there is/there are. 1)There are many different theories. 2)There is a hamburguer in the fridge. 3)There are three Coca Colas on the table. Put the verb in bracket into Simple past. 1)Coca Cola ads starts (start) to appear everywhere. 2)They mix (mix) carbonated water with the new syrup. 3)We learn (learn) ideas from others and adapt (adapt) them. 9. GRAMMAR Write the following sentences into the PassiveVoice. 1)People ignored things/Things are ignored from people 2)A battery powers the bike/The bike powers battery 3)The Germans took the hamburguer to the USA/The hamburguer took to the USA Use How much or How many 1)How many people drink Coca Cola? 2)How much is a chewing gum? 3)How many hamburguers can you eat? Use the right comparative. 1)The following inventions are some of the coolest(cool) 2)Coca Cola is more popular than (popular)Pepsi. 3)A chewing gum is sweeter than (sweet) a hamburguer. 10. LISTENING Watching a film The time machine Which book is this film based on? The film is based in the novel The time machine Who is the author? H.G.Wells 11. ACTIVITY 6 12. ACTIVITY 7 HAMBURGER Number the following facts in the right order 1The Mongol cavalry used ground meat because they had to travel long distances without stopping for days. They carried meat. 2When the Mongols invaded Moscow They brought with them this. 3In 1666, ships from HamburgoGermany- visited the Russian Port. So they took the dish back to Germany. 4Then Immigrants from Germany to the USA also brought along the hamburguer with them. 5There are many different theories as to how and where the first hamburguer invention took place. 6As we can see the hamburguers invention process was a long and gradual process, with people using ideas they learnt from others and adapting them to their own particular 13. ACTIVITY 8 CHEWING GUM 1.What did Thomas do before he made Chewing gum? He invented the bubble gum 2.What happened in 1869? He ate a piece of surplus stock and liked the taste. 3.When did they invent Bubble gum? In 1928 4.What is it like? It is usually pink in colour and has a particular flavour. 5.How many sticks of gum do the Americans chew a year? 300 sticks of gum each year. 14. CHEWING GUM 6.How can you remove gum from hair? Often telling patients it would cause their intestines to stick together. 7.When do usually people buy most gum? $2 billion of gum in the Unites States each year. 8.Do you like chewing gum? Yes, I do 9.How much do you eat a week? I eat three times a week 10.Is it cheap or expensive? Are there different classes? Speak about It is cheap. Yes, there are of strawberry, mint, melon and peach. 15. WHAT ABOUT SMILE 1. Why did the blonde put lipstick on her forehead? 2.Why did the blonde stare at the frozen orange juice? 3.Why can't blondes make ice cubes? 4.How do you make a blonde laugh on Saturday? 5.Why do blondes always smile during lightning storms? 16. SELF-EVALUATION SHEET I HAVE LEARNT : VERY WELL OK NOT MUCH To use the grammatical rules explained in this unit accurately * To read, understand and write texts related to the topic of the unit. * Collaborate with other students in pair/group work activities to improve their learning process. * To use the phonetic components accurately. * To listen to specific and general information in a text. * To use the vocabulary learnt through the unit. * Listening * Speaking * Reading * Writing * How was your individual work? * How was your pair work? * How was your group Work? *