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2. Music Rotation You get it all!

  • Powerful Scheduling Server
  • Music Library Management
  • Multi-user Workflow And Access Control
  • Integration Within Broadcast Log
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Standardized User Friendly Interface

3. Powerful Scheduling Server

    • Artist, title, category separation and segue rules respecting cross channel and day-wide separation
    • Daypart restrictions per title or category
    • Recycling of titles can be varied across stations using multiple recycle weights
    • Fully customizable by category, by genre, by channel
    • The result:You get the music you want where you want it!

4. Powerful Scheduling Server

  • Multiple policies,
  • each one including:
    • Title Separation
    • Artist Separation
    • Attribute Rules
    • Day Part Placement Restrictions
    • Segue Rules
    • Cross Channel, Daily and Day-wide Separation

Rules and Policies 5. Powerful Scheduling Server

  • Station Formatsenable you to create separate music libraries from the same set of titles and rotate them differently on different stations.
  • Multiple Recycle weightsallow you to give different weights to music on different stations thus allowing the music to recycle differently on each station.
  • Daypart Restrictionscan be built for categories or can be applied to individual titles.

User defined formats and restrictions 6. Music Library Management

    • Media is stored together with meta-data in one database with full search and indexing tools.
    • Customizable forms make the management of associated data a natural part of the workflow.
    • With Music Viewer you jsut drag and drop tracks into categories/attributes
    • The Dalet Trackfiler Plus ripping tool allows CD data to be gleaned from the internet.

7. Music Library Management

  • Music Viewer and Asset Manager forms help you add music titles to your database and categorize it, add meta-data when needed, control access to data, view album info and even preview the music!

Build your library Views of data can be limited to include only the fields needed by a particular user or at a particular time 8. Multi-user Workflow and Access Control

  • The DaletPlus notification, workflow and access control tools provide seamless multi-user workflow.
  • This ensures that the right people have access to the information that they need in a timely manner.
  • The result is the smooth running of your Music Programming and Scheduling department.

9. Multi-user Workflow and Access Control

  • Locking and Notification facilitiate collaborative workflow
  • Customize workflow using access rights and status configuration

Customize your workflow 10. Integration within the Broadcast Log

  • Music scheduling is part of the overall workflow of rundown preparation.
  • There is no need for export/import into your logs.
  • Edit cues directly in the rundown.
  • Design your clocks as far ahead in the future as you like with the Pattern scheduler.
  • Your music schedule is an integral part of the log in real time.

11. Integration within the Broadcast Log

  • Edit cues and insert transitions directly in the rundown
  • View the music schedule as part of the complete rundown
  • Analyse music content withcolor/font in the rundown view
  • See music history in the log

12. Customizable Reporting

  • Predefined reports provide information on music titles individually or by category/ attribute as well as on rundowns.
  • DaletPlus PrintForms allows the customization of existing reports and the creation of user defined reports.

13. Customizable Reporting

  • Create your own print forms or use pre-designed forms.
  • Users can choose from applicable forms to print reports.

14. Standardized User Friendly Interface

  • Standard drag and drop tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Context menus
  • All integrated into a design consistent with other DaletPlus modules
  • The result isa user friendly interface with a reduced learning curve

15. Standardized User Friendly Interface

  • Context sensitive menus
  • Fully configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • Drag and Drop between Browser, Music Viewer and Rundown

16. DaletPlus With Music Rotation Manages the Complete Lifecycle ofMusic Scheduling Acquisition Editing Scheduling Broadcasting Archiving 17.

  • DaletPlus Music Rotation stands apart from other music scheduling solutions because
  • DaletPlusMusic Rotation
  • is a
  • Comprehensive Solution

18. DaletPlus Music Rotation A Comprehensive Solution

  • Multi-user functionality
  • Multi-channel collaboration
  • Scheduling Quality
  • Fast Implementation
  • Electronic Distribution & Archiving
  • Cost Effective Standard IT Hardware


  • Multi-user functionality
    • Password protected access control
    • Workflow control
    • Multi-user access to Search and Scheduling tools
    • Collaboration with Scheduling, Production and Broadcast

DaletPlus Music Rotation A Comprehensive Solution 20.

  • Multi-channel (station) collaboration
    • Several channels can work on a single database
    • A title can be common for all channels
    • Multiple category assignment
    • Reports over several stations

DaletPlus Music Rotation A Comprehensive Solution 21.

  • Scheduling Quality
    • Unlimited numbers of Music Categories/Attributes
    • Unlimited number of re-usable Rules and Policies
    • Unlimited number of substitution suggestions

DaletPlus Music Rotation A Comprehensive Solution 22.

  • Fast Implementation
    • Easy to learn
    • Easily adaptable
    • Streamlines operations

DaletPlus Music Rotation A Comprehensive Solution 23.

  • Electronic Distribution & Archiving
    • Reaches the right person at the right time.
    • Distributed material satisfies format requirements.
    • Distribution via web pages or any other digital media.
    • Archiving is a natural and easy extension.
    • Search and retrieval transparent to the user.

DaletPlus Music Rotation A Comprehensive Solution 24.

  • Cost Effective Standard IT Hardware
    • Distributed architecture based on standard PCs
    • Utilizes SQL server for speed, standards and dependability
    • Open IT environment
    • Cost effective, easy to learn and to administer

DaletPlus Music Rotation A Comprehensive Solution 25. Comprehensive and easy!

  • Music Rotation is a cost-effective alternative that allows music-oriented stations to automatically generate playlists based upon pre-defined rules, song title attributes, and prior broadcast history
  • Windows standardized, user friendly interface makes it easy learn and use
  • Virtually limitless numbers of music categories/attributes provide flexibility in classifying the titles
  • Users of Dalet Music Rotation can quickly and easily define rules and apply them to specific stations and programs as well as assign music attributes to song titles
  • As with the rest of the DaletPlus suite of applications does not demand any proprietary equipmentruns on standard IT hardware .