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CommsDay Summit 2016: Ray Tseng, Metaswitch

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Text of CommsDay Summit 2016: Ray Tseng, Metaswitch


VirtualizingReal-Time CommunicationsRay Tseng, VP APAC SalesApr 2016Metaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 1

The Brains of the New Global Network

Introduce yourself1

NFV overviewAcknowledgement: Andy Reid, BTMetaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 2


Why adopt an nfv strategyLower capexCommodity compute / switching hardwareNo more end-of-life events for network appliancesLower opexSoftware-based deployment of network functionsAutomated operations such as repair and scalingVastly simplified spares / hardware replacement processReduced time to market for new servicesNo hardware approval processRapid prototypingAcceleration of innovationEasy access to broader eco-system of innovative software vendorsMetaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 3


Operator adoptionMetaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 4

AT&T plan to have virtualized 80% of their core network by 2020 Andre Fuetsch VP Architecture & DesignAmbitious, far-reaching high budget operatorsPragmatic, started but cautiousWait and seePace of implementation


Varieties of network functionsControl Plane Functions

IMS CoreIMS App ServerMedia Gateway ControllerDiameter Routing AgentPolicy Charging & Rules FunctionSBC (Signaling)User Plane Functions

Content Delivery NetworkDeep Packet InspectionWAN AcceleratorFirewallEvolved Packet CoreSBC (Media)Metaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 5


IT cloud performance suitability for NFVControl plane functions work just fineWe have demonstrated very large scale IMS core working well in a public cloud environmentUser plane functions are more demandingHypervisor / vSwitch per-packet overhead presents challengesStandard IT cloud is (just about) practical and economical for functions like SBC media processingData plane acceleration solutions can make a huge differenceTesting of Perimeta SBC with 6WIND on KVM achieved 90% of bare metal performance on media session capacity

Control plane functions and compute-intensive user plane functions are best early candidates for NFVMetaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 6


orchestration in NFVOrchestration is concerned with managing the life cycle of virtualised network functionsService deploymentHealth monitoringDynamic elastic scalingSoftware upgradeOrchestration can deliver some valuable benefitsFaster service provisioningOpex reductionThe value delivered by orchestration depends heavily on the nature of the virtualised network function (VNF)VNFs that have steady load can be usefully deployed with manual scaling greatly simplifies deploymentMetaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 7


VMWare vs. OpenStackMost widely deployed cloud softwareMajority of telcos already using VMware for ITStable and offers lots of management featuresPerceived as expensive

Metaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 8

Open source cloud solution attracting all the buzzUnlike VMware it is not a product, it is an ecosystemMany packages, each distributor has a different flavorSoftware maturity issuesChallenging to manage, e.g. no hitless software upgrade


BT OnePhone servicelets customers handle all calls - mobile or office - through mobile phoneBT needed to deploy new SBCs to enable launch of OnePhone service; encumbent SBC vendor required a 3-months lead time to deliverMetaswitch Perimeta vSBCWithin 2-days: deployed Perimeta software in BTs existing VMWare-based data center+3-days: BT operations team takes over+-day: BT team deploys Geo-Redundant+10-days: Completed 130 acceptance tests, ready for service launch

Case Study: Virtual SBC

Metaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 9


Manx TelecomUK fixed-line & wireless provider (>50k lines)Deployment details:Replacing legacy IMS core which provided residential PSTN servicesDeploying Metaswitchs Clearwater Core, Perimeta, SAS, AGCFRetains some elements of existing solution that werent EOLAlcatel-Lucent HSS Alcatel-Lucent ISAMs for copper pair termination Deployment flexibility to re-use existing componentsReduced cost of migration

Case Study: NFV IMS for PSTNMetaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 10Launched September 2015NFV: Real technology, Real benefits


NFV is realProduction deployments already in carrier networksControl plane applicationsBest Virtual Network Functions to initially targetVMWare is the pragmatic choice for near-term NFV deploymentsOpenStack NFV will get there long-termMany of the key benefits of virtualization can be realized without OrchestrationKey TakeAwaysMetaswitch Networks | Proprietary and confidential | 2016 | 11


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