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Give it Up, 17 February 2010 Nick Aldridge, CEO, MissionFish UK Giving it Up: why hasn’t online giving been “unleashed”?

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A few insights and thoughts on online giving, and the opportunities and barriers to developing it further, based on the experience of MissionFish in facilitating online giving via eBay.

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  • 1. Give it Up, 17 February 2010 Giving it Up: why hasnt online giving been unleashed? NickAldridge, CEO, MissionFish UK

2. Participation: political vision and current reality... We need strong and concerted government action to make [the Big Society] happen.

  • Supporting a resurgence of volunteering
  • Encouraging charitable giving and devolving more power to local government and beyond.
  • Opening up public services

3. Non-donors, DCLG Citizenship Survey 2008/9 Lack of confidence in charities? Broader socio-cultural issues? Are charities failing to convince non-donors that there is an immediate, tangible benefit as a result of donations? 4. Are charity staff, fundraisers, volunteers...

  • People like us?

or.... Institutions like them? Photo credits: ICARDA spouses group Christopher Thomond 5. Big society online: getting involved Quicker, easier, more tangible, more personal 6. Big Society Online: giving Easier / simpler More direct More rewarding 7. Give at Checkout schemes

  • Possible due to:
  • Reduced payment transaction costs online
  • (Relative) flexibility of checkout flows
  • But:
  • Relatively new and unproven
  • Not typically tax-effective
  • Limited flexibility and choice

8. Gift Aid declarations vs digital environment To donate 3 to Womens Aid simplyTextACT to 84424 . 9. The future is... frictionless Take two minutes to register your details with us... No. Photo:http://www.marketingprofs.com eBay donations after registration flow removed eBay donations with a registration process required 10. ...Topical 11. ...Personalised

  • Our companys favourite charity?
  • Your favourite charity?

17x-35x more likely 12. ...Restricted 13. Who pays for core costs? Investments, corporate partners, and the BBC? PayPal (in February)? Patrons? The Donor? Trading income? 14. Business interest in cause-related marketing? Analysis by Columbia Business School (2010) 15. Causes on other major platforms 16. Want to reward customers who give? 17. Give it Up, 17 February 2010 Giving it Up: why hasnt online giving been unleashed? NickAldridge, CEO, MissionFish UK