Beyond The Hype, mainstreaming library 2.0

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Presentation at Beyond the Hype - Web 2.0 symposium, Brisbane 1 - 2 February 08


<ul><li> 1. Mainstreaming 2.0realigning public libraries Christine Mackenzie Yarra Plenty Regional Library</li></ul> <p> 2. Overview </p> <ul><li>Web 2.0 / Library 2.0 - what is it? </li></ul> <ul><li>Skilling and engaging staff </li></ul> <ul><li>Integrating it into real libraries </li></ul> <ul><li>Impact, usefulness and benefits </li></ul> <p> 3. Vital statistics - YPRL </p> <ul><li>No of items540,00 </li></ul> <ul><li>Attendance at activities</li></ul> <ul><li>43,000 </li></ul> <ul><li>Staff 160 (88 eft) </li></ul> <ul><li>Libraries 8 + 2 mobiles </li></ul> <ul><li>Budget 07/08 </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Operating $7.931m </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Capital $1.626 m </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Population306,000 </li></ul> <ul><li>Circulation3.7 m </li></ul> <ul><li>Visitors 1.6 m </li></ul> <ul><li>Ref enquiries151,000 </li></ul> <ul><li>Membership146,000 </li></ul> <p> 4. 5. Chris Batts 3 circles Community place Online library Development agency Public library 6. our world is changing </p> <ul><li>Forget the debate, says Sherman Young: the book, like John Cleeses parrot, is already dead. Look around the bus: whos reading? Theyve all got headphones dangling out of ears. </li></ul> <p> 7. Library Journal December 07 8. 9. </p> <ul><li>library 2.0transparent library media agnosticLMSLibraryThing personal development strategic landscapethird place librarylibrary worker 2.0 marketplace of ideascommunity capacitywikis blogsRSS learn to learn adapt to changescan the horizonyourtutor.comgamingfacebookadvocacydigitatisationuncon 23 Things </li></ul> <p> 10. Denver Public Library Summer Reading Program 11. Library 2.0 Michael Stephens </p> <ul><li>It is user centred </li></ul> <ul><li>It provides multimedia experience </li></ul> <ul><li>It is socially rich </li></ul> <ul><li>It communicates innovation </li></ul> <p> 12. Transparent library </p> <ul><li>Gathering input </li></ul> <ul><li>Listening &amp; talking </li></ul> <ul><li>Connecting </li></ul> <ul><li>Sharing communication </li></ul> <p> 13. Top trends - MS </p> <ul><li>Conversations </li></ul> <ul><li>Convergence </li></ul> <ul><li>Content </li></ul> <ul><li>Redefining LIS jobs </li></ul> <ul><li>Citizen journalism </li></ul> <ul><li>Were human </li></ul> <ul><li>Openess and sharing </li></ul> <ul><li>Participation </li></ul> <ul><li>Experience and play </li></ul> <p> 14. Library as 3 rdplace </p> <ul><li>Content, comfort, community </li></ul> <p> 15. 16. LIBRARY 2.0 MEETS THIRD PLACE </p> <ul><li> Library 2.0 means starting from the </li></ul> <ul><li>users experience of the library, ditching </li></ul> <ul><li>what is there for our convenience but is </li></ul> <ul><li>an obstacle to them, and taking on some </li></ul> <ul><li>non traditional things that fit into our core </li></ul> <ul><li>brief to connect information and people </li></ul> <ul><li>Kathryn Greenhill </li></ul> <p> 17. The journey </p> <ul><li>Seminar in Melbourne in March 06</li></ul> <ul><li>Mucking around </li></ul> <ul><li>- Michael Stephens blog talking about23 Things , 11 August 06 </li></ul> <p>Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology by Michael Stephens Danny Sullivan in USA Today|Main|Rules for the Loft (Teen Space at PLCMC) PLCMC Technology Summit Kicks Off Learning 2.0 for Staff! 18. Skilling &amp; engaging staff </p> <ul><li>Road show </li></ul> <ul><li>23 Things </li></ul> <ul><li>Unconference </li></ul> <ul><li>Library Worker 2.0 </li></ul> <p> 19. Roadshow Downloadable audio Digital stories Digital cameras Adaptive technologies Google things 20. 23 Things: Learning 2.0 21. Imaginon Library &amp; Childrens Theatre 22. 23. 24. Our organisation has grown by 1,400 units of learning 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. Library worker 2.0 </p> <ul><li>Enabling learning </li></ul> <ul><li>Creating content </li></ul> <ul><li>Getting information </li></ul> <ul><li>Culture </li></ul> <ul><li>Leading the organisation </li></ul> <p> 30. Creating content </p> <ul><li>Are you interested in: </li></ul> <ul><li>New Web 2.0 technologies &amp; how we can use them</li></ul> <ul><li>Developing a Wiki for the region </li></ul> <ul><li>Engaging the community in social networking </li></ul> <ul><li>You will achieve the following </li></ul> <ul><li>Expertise in creating blogs, wikis and other tools </li></ul> <ul><li>Skills and confidence to engage in social networking </li></ul> <ul><li>Your development plan will include </li></ul> <ul><li>Workshops on</li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Library 2.0 </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Wikis &amp; blogs (advanced) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Local history with an e </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>On the job project </li></ul> <ul><li>Final wrap up and project presentation </li></ul> <p> 31. Impact of program </p> <ul><li>Staff development </li></ul> <ul><li>Administering program for other libraries </li></ul> <ul><li>Integrating web 2.0 technologies in our services wikis, blogs, classes, LibraryThing </li></ul> <p> 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. Community capacity </p> <ul><li>Wikinorthia </li></ul> <ul><li>Blogging,</li></ul> <ul><li>Library Thing </li></ul> <ul><li>Training programs </li></ul> <p> 37. Wikinorthia captures the history of people, places and events in the north of Melbourne - how we live now and how we lived in the past. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. Community &amp; commercial 46. Personal development </p> <ul><li>Play 15 minutes a day </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Facebook </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Blogging </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Professional blogs </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Bloglines </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Thinking time </li></ul> <p> 47. 48. What This Means </p> <ul><li>Web 2.0 is part of our changing landscape </li></ul> <ul><li>Libraries have to change too we dont have to become irrelevant </li></ul> <ul><li>We need to be media agnostic </li></ul> <ul><li>We are about content, community, comfort </li></ul> <ul><li>Wecan build community capacity </li></ul> <p> 49. 50. Next Steps </p> <ul><li>Go forth &amp; learn &amp; play </li></ul> <ul><li>We are happy to share our learnings </li></ul> <p> 51. Thank you [email_address] </p>