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White River Protection Project

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The Bayfield Regional Conservancy, Trout Unlimited Wisconsin Wild Rivers Chapter, and Friends of the White River are partnering to protect 80 acres on the White River. You can help.

Text of White River Protection Project

  • 1. 80 acres of vulnerable land along the White River in the Town of Delta recently went up for sale. June 2009

2. Including 2000 feet of shoreline 3. The last thing we all want tosee is a string of condos or cottages along this stretch of the White -Bill Heart, Council Chair of Wisconsin Trout Unlimited, Chair of Friends of the White River 4. The Bayfield Regional Conservancy,Trout Unlimiteds Wild Rivers Chapter, and the Friends of the White Riverare working together to buy the propertyand protect it for wildlife and recreation. 5. Why protect the White River? 6. Traversing one ofWisconsin's largest wetlands, the 10,000 acre Bibon Marsh,the White River is exceptionally pristineand diverse. 7. "Trout anglers often speak of the White in almost reverent tones because it harkens back to a daywhen Wisconsin was on the country's frontier." - Stephen Born in Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams 8. Harboring high quality aquatichabitat, the White Rivers 60 milesof flow includes: 44 miles of DNR classified Outstanding or Exceptional Resource Waters 20 miles of Class 1 Trout Waters. 9. White River Watersheds many habitats are home to rare andthreatened species 10. Some of the White Rivers many habitats include:Boreal Forest, Shrub Carr, Tamarack Swamp,Northern Sedge Meadow, Northern Wet Forest, Emergent Marsh, Northern Hardwood Swamp, Coldwater Streams, Alder Thicket, Northern Dry Forest 11. 55 species of Conservation Concern, 18 of which are of Greatest Need for Conservation in Wisconsin, are found here including 12. American Martens 13. Water shrew Pygmy shrew 14. Red-shouldered Hawks 15. Imperiled Songbirds Canada warbler Cerulean warbler Connecticut warbler 16. Why these 80 acres? 17. They include 2000 feet of shoreline on both sides of the RiverThey are on theedge of the greatBibon Marsh 18. They include highly developable, cleared upland all the way to the River Their 2000 feet of shoreline habitatcan be restored 19. They will be open for low impactpublic use 20. They are adjacent to a WisconsinDNR fisheries area.When State funds become available the DNR intends to buy them from us.Public access will continue. 21. What can you do? 22. Help us protect this property now for wildlife and recreation Friends of theWhite RiverThe Bayfield Regional Conservancy Protecting Land in the Lake Superior Basin and Beyond 23. Donate to the Bayfield RegionalConservancys White River Protection FundGo to and click on Donations then email [email protected] to dedicate your gift to the White River 24. Those who give $5,000 and up receive a personally guided fishingtrip to the Whitewith Bill Heart, Council Chair,Wisconsin Trout Unlimited 25. Funds from any eventual sale to DNRwill go into a permanentrevolving White River Fundto protect more land along the White. 26. Your gift will continue to give to theWhite River 27. Thank you 28. Bayfield Regional Conservancy Protecting Land in the Lake Superior Basin and Beyond

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