Ropes CSI 2011

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Ke'Anu, Loren, Basirah, Dannie, Airiann, Dennise


<ul><li> 1. Ropes Course<br />NCRC<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. KeAnu<br />I liked all the courses my group participated in. The Ropes course was a fun and challenging way to work with different people. We learned another way to trust the individuals in our group. We gained confidence with one another throughout the course in order to complete our tasks. We played the part of leaders and students by listening to peers, as well as contributing our own thoughts. Overall, the ropes course was a great learning experience.<br /> 3. Loren<br />I thought the ropes course was a great icebreaker. It allowed me to meet people in a fun and interactive way. Everyones true personality came out. I could instantly see the determination and the eagerness from each individual to get the problem solved. I also made a new friends. It was a great team building activity that applied to normal life. In the working world I would have to work with different people everyday, this was a peep into the future.<br /> 4. Basirah<br />By doing the ropes course I learned that in order to do certain courses you have to work with people that you may not know. In order to complete the ropes course challenges, we had to put our differences aside and work together. The Ropes course helped me out a lot, because Im very shy and like to be by myself sometimes, but it helped me break out of my shell and meet new people.<br /> 5. Kaiya<br />The Ropes course was a great experience for me and it taught me a great deal of how to work in a team. It also helped me come out of my comfort zone. As a team we strategized, maintained confidence in one another, and carried on with momentum. Overall, this experience allowed me to truly get to know someone instead of judging a book by its cover.<br /> 6. Dannie<br />The Ropes course was a fun experience. It focused more on teamwork. It was very helpful by teaching us that we cant always do things by ourselves. We had to think about our peers also. Most importantly, it taught us all about leadership and how to share it equally.<br /> 7. Airiann<br />The day of the Ropes course was a phenomenal day, for me as an individual. It was both physically and educationally challenging. In the beginning, we were all strangers and then we slowly became a unit. The Ropes course was a moment of team support out weighing a huge fearof self-doubt. <br /> 8. Denisse<br />My favorite challenge in the Ropes course was the whale watch. All ten group members had to balance on a plank. If the plank touched the ground we had to start all over again, so we really had to work together to figure the perfect balance. This experience helped bring out leadership qualities I thought I didnt possess and empowered me.<br /> 9. Our Definition of Ropes<br />R-Respect<br />O-Optimism<br />P-Positivity<br />E-Enthusiasm<br />S-Success<br /></p>