How to recover deleted photos from micro sd card

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If you accidentally deleted some precious pictures on the Micro SD card, don't panic. Here is an article to show you how to retrieve lost pictures from Micro SD card on Windows and Mac easily.

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  • 1. All rights reservedhttp://www.vibosoft.comHow to Recover Deleted Photos fromMicro SD Card?"I have a 32GB SD card for my Canon D5000. I accidentally deleted all photosfrom the SD card without backup. I'm tried to find back these picturesbut failed to reach it. Anyone knows of a program that will let me recoverphotos from SD card? Thanks in advance."If you're a digital device user, we sure that you're not strange with allkinds of Micro SD card, right? As it is well known for all, Micro SD cardis widely used in all kinds of digital products like digital camera orcamcorder, smart phones, GPS devices, music player, etc. to store a largeamount of portable data as you like. Thus, with frequent using Micro SDcard, data losing on these kinds of memory card also become a common issuein the daily life.Actually, if you have met the situation just like the above case, the firstthing you have to do is to stop using that Micro SD card and then makesure that your Micro SD card can be connected with your computer andrecognized as a drive letter such as H:. Otherwise, you lost photos maybe overwritten by the new data. Now, you can ask help from the professionalCard Data Recovery software. With it, you're able to scan the Micro SDcard and retrieve lost pictures from Micro SD card effortlessly. What'smore, this program is not only designed for Windows users, it also usefulfor Mac users.Now, just click the below icon to get and install the right version ofthe SD Card Photo Recovery on your personal computer quickly.Card Photo Recovery - Recover Deleted Picturesfrom Micro SD CardIf you have installed the program on your Windows or Mac computer accordingto the program's instruction. Then you can directly launch the tool. ForWindows user, you can see the below window on your computer. Here, we willtake the Windows version as an example.

2. All rights reservedhttp://www.vibosoft.comStep 1. Insert SD Card into Your PC & Choose the Recovery ModeTo begin with, please plug in the Micro SD card that your lost photoslocated into your computer via the card slot. Then let's see the operationon the program. To retrieve lost photos from Micro SD card, you candirectly select "All" or "Photos" mode to reach your goal. After that,click "Next" button to continue.Step 2. Select Disk for ScanningIn the new window, you can select the disk of your Micro SD card, and click"Next" to start scanning for files. You can preview the detailed scanningprocess in the interface as you like, and you can also click "Pause" or"Stop" button to end the scanning. 3. All rights reservedhttp://www.vibosoft.comStep 3. Preview and RecoverFiles on your SD card will be categorized into its own folders and listedin the left panel. Here, you only need to click "Photo" and check yourlost or deleted photos according to its file type. Mark the pictures youneed and hit "Recover" button in the bottom of the panel to begin therestoring process. 4. All rights reservedhttp://www.vibosoft.comDone! All your lost pictures have been found back, cool, right? Just getthis powerful SD Card Photo Recovery as your daily assistant from now on.