Using Facebook to Promote your Business

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This hour and a half workshop was presented by Allée CEO Melissa Harrison. Designed for small business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs interested in learning how to use Facebook to create awareness and expand business reach, the slides shown are the outline for the full content that was provided during the presentation (handouts and supplemental information not included).

Text of Using Facebook to Promote your Business

  • 1.Using Facebook to Promote Your Business Presented by:Melissa HarrisonPrincipal, Alle @alleecreative Create. Communicate.

2. About Melissa Business owner Mother of four Certified fitness instructor Reader/learner Avid social media user (both personal andPhoto credit: HJS Photo Gallery business) Think. Create. 3. Concentration for today: Why social media is important for your business How to determine if Facebook is right for you How to get started Ideas for content How to keep up with it all/time management Resources Think. Create. 4. Social media is like a cocktail partywhere youre meeting people.Ultimately, you want them to takeyou home and share you with theirfriends. -Leo Dimilo, Internet MarketerThink. Create. Communicate. 5. Why is social media important for your business? 75% of people get their news from social networking sites like Facebook (CNN) Its word-of-mouth marketing People trust their peer networks, family/friendsFacebooks It levels the playing field for small business algorithms changealot. Social media is Generates more business exposure always evolving.Know your priorities Increases online traffic and decide how youllkeep up. Provides marketplace insight Think. Create. 6. Determining if Facebook is the right fit for your business Time: Social media takes a lot of time and success will not happen over night. Determine your time commitment and stick with it. Once you start, youre in it for the long haul. Resources: Who will be your community manager? Someone within your team? Will you outsource? Audience/demographics: Are your customers on Facebook? Who are you looking to reach? How do you want to expand your brands exposure? Success indicators: How does Facebook align with your overall business goals? How will you determine success? Think. Create. 7. The #1 social media tool for marketersis Facebook (Social Media Examiner) Think. Create. 8. Before you start:The new FacebookExpression: Facebook has moved to become more visual;its the next wave in social media. Pictures are visuallystimulating and help evoke emotion and connection withcustomers. Reach: New timeline features more ways to ensure greaterreach through pinned posts, starred content, milestones,customized apps, backdating and open analytics Response: New message features, expanded adminfeatures and richer story-telling tools Think. Create. 9. Before you start:Prepare the FollowingAbout StatementCover Photo Profile Picture Content CalendarBrand Voice Social Media Policy History, Photos, Milestones Think. Create. 10. Getting started on FacebookCreating your Facebook page: Think. Create. 11. The basics of your Facebook page Set your cover photo Set your profile photo Organize your apps Enable messaging Add milestones Consider your star, pinand tag strategyThink. Create. Communicate. 12. Your Cover Photo Think. Create. 13. Cover Photo ExamplesNikeHome DepotPunch Pizza1-800 FlowersFrench Meadow BakeryDr. OzAthleta Think. Create. 14. Your Profile Picture Think. Create. 15. Tells Us About You and Organize Your Apps Think. Create. 16. Enable Messaging Think. Create. 17. Add Milestones Think. Create. 18. Stars, Pins and Tags Think. Create. 19. Content IdeasThink. Create. Communicate. 20. Time ManagementThink. Create. Communicate. 21. Misc. to ConsiderURL Shorteners: Think twice about using them. There ismore engagement with the real deal URLs.Twitter: Dont automate Twitter updates on Facebook; theyare different platforms and should remain that way.Short Posts: Keep posts short. Those with 80 characters orless have 27% higher engagement rates (Buddy Media)Post for Your Audience: Early morning and end-of-day postsgain higher return on engagement; dont just post duringbusiness hours. Think. Create. 22. ResourcesThink. Create. Communicate. 23. Rome wasnt built in a day. Develop a routine Dont expect resultsover night You get out of it whatyou put in to itThink. Create. Communicate. 24. Thank you! Melissa Harrison Email:melissa@alleecreative.comTwitter:@alleecreative Phone:612.946.7144 Think. Create.