Artichoke Appetizer Recipe

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This dish makes a beautiful presentation and can be served hot or at room temperature. Each glistening artichoke can be served individually at the table, or on a decorative plate for sharingPrep time: 1 hourServes: 1-2 chokes per person

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  • 1.Seasoned Artichokes!This dish makes a beautifulpresentation and can beserved hot or at roomtemperature. Eachglistening artichoke can beserved individually at thetable, or on a decorativeplate for sharing.Prep time: 1 hourServes: 1-2 chokes per personWatch the Video

2. Ingredients 4 firm artichokes 2 tablespoons olive oil, pinch of sea salt and 2 bay leaves cup grated parmesan cheese cup melted butter Spices and seasonings to taste:Herbs de ProvenceBlack Truffle Salt, Sea Salt or your favorite seasoned saltItalian SeasoningFreshly Ground Pepper 1-2 tablespoons breadcrumbs 2 lemons (to drizzle over chokes and use for garnish) cup mayonnaise (optional for dipping) 3. Step 1- Trim Leaves and Cut StemCut the prickly tip of each leaf with scissorsCut the stem close to the bottom of the choke - so it sitsupright without wobbling 4. Step 2- Boil Chokes for 45-50 MinutesBring a large pot of water to a boilAdd to water a splash of olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and 2 bayleavesImmerse the chokes in the boiling water and coverTurn heat down to medium water should continue to boil untilchokes are done (approximately 45 minutes 50 minutes)Test doneness by pulling a leaf from the stem. It should come offwith a gentle tug Do not overcook or undercook 5. Step 3 Drain, Season and ServeOpen up the leaves of each artichoke, so each leaf is a vessel formelted butter (optional) and seasoningsGenerously sprinkle melted butter, seasonings, parmesan andbread crumbs on top of (and inside) the leavesSqueeze fresh lemon over each chokeGarnish the plate with lemon wedges and serve seasoned chokeshot, or at room temperatureCan also be served with a side of mayonnaise for dipping 6. Seasoned Artichokes!For more great recipes Watch the Video 7. Thanks