3 Types of Editing

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If you seek editing services, youll be met with some new terms, and today wed like to define them and explain their differences.


  • 1. The Three Types of Editing
  • 2. What Type of Editing Does Your Manuscript Need? Writing that is worth publishing is worth a careful edit. Your message deserves it, and so do your readers. It is what distinguishes a professional book from an amateur one. Even the best writers make mistakes, but thanks to professional copyeditors, you can make sure that your readers never get to see your slip-ups. The Xlibris copyediting service corrects and clarifies the completed manuscript, word by word, before the transition to a published book. It makes your writing more concise, clear, and appealing to your readers.
  • 3. The Three Types of Editing I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again. Oscar Wilde Proofreading Proofreading is the most basic service offered by copyediting services, and is also the cheapest. During the proofreading process, the manuscript will be checked for simple errors in spelling, punctuation, spacing, and grammar. A proofreader will not, however, rearrange sentences or paragraphs. Basically, if a story is a mess before proofreading, it will still be a mess after proofreading as it only corrects spelling and grammar slips.
  • 4. The Three Types of Editing Editing might be a bloody trade, but knives arent the exclusive property of butchers. Surgeons use them too. - Blake Morrison Line Editing The next step up from proofreading, in both extent of service and price, is something called line editing. In addition to basic proofreading, the editor will also read and re-read your manuscript for plot holes, consistency, and style. Line editing services might also include fact checking, and verifying that your manuscript follows certain conventions. This is often necessary if you write legal or educational materials, or dissertations.
  • 5. The Three Types of Editing I turn sentences around. That's my life. I write a sentence and then I turn it around. Then I look at it and turn it around again... Philip Roth, Ghost Writer Substantive Editing The final type of editing service goes by a number of names, to include substantive editing, comprehensive editing, or even heavy editing. How much work needs to be done will depend on the condition of the manuscript when its received by the editor. He or she will look at the manuscript as a whole, and make sure its coherent and flows properly. This can involve adding or deleting material, as well as rearranging chapters. A good editor will be in close contact with the writer during the entire process to make sure these changes are consistent with the authors vision.
  • 6. The Three Types of Editing Editors Note: Xlibris Copyediting service is based on the guidelines presented in the Chicago Manual of Style. Spelling is based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Sample
  • 7. Xlibris Copyediting Service When trying to decide what kind of editing services you need, objectively assess your own strengths and weaknesses. Do you have trouble with spelling or punctuation? Maybe proofreading is all you need. Do your test readers have difficulty following your story, or feel that it doesnt make sense at times? Maybe more comprehensive services, such as substantive editing, would better serve your book.
  • 8. Get Your FREE Editing Guide now! The Xlibris editing guide's seven easy steps will have your manuscript ready for publishing in no time. That means you can have your book in your hands and ready to share with the world without delay.
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