Different Types of Editing

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  • 1. Editing
    A way change to a clip to make it better or more appealing to an audience.

2. Continuity
When the audience should not notice when the cuts have been made. A sequence of shots that appear together and link with each other.
3. Montage - Political
There are two types political and hollywood.Political is the style from the 1920s and is used to make a meaning out of the shots used.
4. Montage- Hollywood
The other type of montage is Hollywood which is used to present a story or important information in a short way they are often used at the beginning of TV programs to show what happened in the previous episode as a recap to the audience.
5. Transitions
A transition is the term used when the editor moves from one shot to another. There are many types used in editing they are straight cut where an image is suddenly replaced by another without it beginning visually changed.Face up where and image gradually fades into shot, fade out where the opposite to fade in as the image gradually fades out of the shot., and many more.
6. Wipe
Wipe is where one image is replaced by another without dissolving and it eliminates the first shot then replacing it with another shot.
7. Dissolve
This is when one scene or image gradually moves onto another scene and it is a smooth transition.
8. Action Editing.
This is when the clip is edited in a certain way to make the film more action packed at appealing to the audience.