Indian real estate mobile apps comparison

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Indian real estate listing appsComparison of, and mobile apps on Android

Harry Ven tear down

Nice map view showing all rentals around you with the photo listing below

On Filters, Spent a lot of time to adjust the min and max cost.

Nice to have a filter for restriction.

Lot of filter options. Does not feel intuitive though to fill up all these details

Good to have an alert to avoid losing all the details just entered

Back to the interface.

Broker gets a new name- Locality expert!!!!

Nice and intuitive user interface

Magicbricks tear down

Nice to directly come to filter criteria on launch. Also availability of fewer filter options allows me to incentive to go to the search as fast as possible. Love it!

Interface feels real ease. Nice use of colors.

Whats the point of having a feature - Chat option, that does not work or is not useful?

Map view is not visually appealing or understandable for user to engage with

No alert if we press back button after selecting the filter criteria. As a first time user got irritated because of this as I lost my filter criteria couple of times.

99Acres tear down

Smooth interface. Could use more colors.

Multiple clicks to apply search criteria. No alert while pressing back button, there by unsuspecting first time user loses all filter criteria!

Final VerdictIndian rental listing apps compared here have very few differentiation there by opening themselves to be disrupted for any new bold player.