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  • Is there an App for that?#digitalmagpie

  • 1.3 Million Apps in the App Store

    -Android and Apple

    Average life of an App on your device

    -6 Weeks

    70% of Apps downloaded are never used

    -Most Apps arent Productivity related..

    A Few App Facts

  • Does my business need an App?

    Can you afford to develop it? In all stores?

    Is there a need for it?

    Will it Wow me?

    Can you afford to maintain it?

    Can it be replicated?

    Is it available as a White label?

    Can it be monetised?

    Would your Mum download it?

  • Device SecuritySecure your passwords

    Know whats being auto fed! Know whats being shared! iMessages, iPhotos, Notes!

    iCloud security breach Nudie pics..

  • Know what you want and need

    Ditch what you havent used or wontt use

    Be prepared to pay for an App!

    Check out the App or Google Play Store

    Digitally declutter your devices

  • Get organised!

    Folders Categories Keep things tidy!

  • EssentialsBanking - Pocketbook

    Email Management - Mailbox

    Calendar - Sunrise App

  • Magic Plan

    14.95 a month

  • Landscaping

    iScape $10.00

  • OpenHouseID

    Home Grown Collects OFI Data

    Better records Streamlined capture

    Easy for Clients

  • Dizzle

    Personally Branded

    Push Notifications

    Sell ad space

    Mayor of the Patch 30.00 p/mth

  • Glympse

    Share and monitor location via text or app

  • Location Privacy

  • Word Lens

  • AudioNote

    Record Voice Annotate Highlight

    Share Revise

    No distractions

  • Camera+

  • Skitch

    Edit Pics Annotate Pixelate Markup Share

  • Dropbox

    Cloud storage Anywhere - Anytime

    Multiple devices

    Shareable folders

  • EvernoteOrganise your life

    File everything

    Voice, Text, Pics, Web, Writing

    Desktop-Mobile-AnywhereSearchable foldersShareable folders

    Massive mobile filing cabinet!

  • Socialba

    Post status updates across multiple channels

  • YeswareEmail tracking Gmail

    Syncs with CRM Scheduling emails

    Templates 100 Tracks per mth free

    Location - Device - # of timesFollow up

  • Refresh App

    Coming soon Check out

    Find Common Ground

    Arrive Informed

    Check History

    Get a Dossier

    Get Introduced

  • Adobe Voice

    Explainer videos - Free - iPad



    Multiple Agents

    All parts of USA

    App Kings and Queens

  • Whats Your Favourite?


  • Digital Media - REINSW Facebook for Real Estate (September)

    LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents (October)

    Video for Real Estate Agents (November)

    Register at