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This was an hour session about some popular apps for both business and real estate. Check out the Resources slides and the names of those that have inspired or educated me on apps and being "mobile".

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2. The Mobile Agent and theConnected Consumer 3. Evernote 4. News / InformationRSS Readers Pulse - iPhone | iPad | Android | Kindle Fire Google Reader App Flipboard iPhone | iPad | Android (beta) Zite - iPhone | iPad | Android Phone Newsstand iPad/iPhone 5. Cloud Storage / File Sync Google Drive / Google Docs iCloud Dropbox Microsoft Sky Drive SugarSync Mozy 6. Personal Security / Safety Glympse Guardly 7. Phone Security Google Authenticator Email Protection Find my iPhone SeekDroid Prey 8. Printing 9. Financial 10. Thank you / Birthday Cards Cards App iPhone/iPad Android 11. Social Media Apps 12. iPhone |iPad | Android Phone 13. Instagram 14. Real Estate 15. Open Home Pro 16. HomeSnap 17. iAnnotateiPhone | iPad |Samsung Android devices| Other Android devices coming soon 18. Your Clients 19. In April 2012, 150 million homes viewed on ZillowMobile 30 % of traffic from mobile 40% on weekends For 1st Qtr 31.8 million unique visitors (more equates to approx. 9.5 m on mobile 20. ZillowiPhone | iPad | Android Phone | Android Tablet | Windows 7 | Kindle Fire | Blackberry 21. Zillow 22. ZillowAndroid Phone 23. Trulia - ConsumersiPhone | iPad | Android Phone | Android Tablet | Mobile Web 24. Trulia for AgentsiPhone | Android Phone 25. Highly rated App Save Faves & Dislikes Easy to Share Roommates,Family Email Alerts Android Phone 26. REALTOR.comiPhone | iPad | Android Phone | Android Tablet | Windows 7 | Blackberry 27. - Mobile Stats! April 2011 to April 2012 Listing Detail Page Views up 200% Photo views up 384% Phone & Email Leads up 133% Average 20 million unique visitors / month roughly 30% on mobile = 6 million visitorsSources: Rob Hahns post 28. HUD Homes 29. Are you a Community Expert? 30. Augmented Reality Wikitude iOS, Android,BlackBerry,WindowsPhone 7 Layar iOS, Android,Blackberry 31. Augmented Reality HomeSpotter by Mobile Realty AppsMost Innovative Real Estate Startup by Inman 32. Augmented Reality Find Your Car iPhone Google Goggles - iOS Lookator WiFi Connection finder - Android Analysts predict AR will be a nativetechnology on all smartphones by 2014 Generate revenues up to $1.5 billion by 2015 33. Nudge 34. Recommended Resources Krisstina Wises blog practical advice on how her company has moved to theiPad 10 New Apps for Realtors: The Next Webs Pinterest Page titled Apps We Love: The Next Webs Apps page: Reviews & News: Reviews for Apps on the various platforms: Video from Stefanie Hahn- Finding iPad: Zen 35. Recommended ResourcesSmart Real Estate People / Blogs you should follow/read: Todd Carpenter Brian Copeland Amy Chorew Doug Devitre Heather Elias Nobu Hata Stefanie Hahn Bill Lublin Jimmy Mackin Mark Porter Jeff Turner Ginger Wilcox Krisstina Wise The Good Life Team 1000watt Consulting Marc Davison, Brian Boero, Joel Burslem The Corcoran Group Matthew Shadbolt Inman Next Katie Lance, Chris Smith 36. Connect with Us Get Involved!Web: LinkedIn Group Search Iowa Association of Realtors 37. Connect with Me