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What Extra-Curricular activities are and where they offered


  • 1. DATE Source of information Description ofinformationNOTES22/09/14 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extracurricular_activity An activity at a school orcollege on addition to thenormal course of study.Extra-curricular definition22/09/14 http://www.hampsteadschool.org.uk/page/?pid=27 Extra-curricular activities areoffered at HampsteadSecondary School. Theyhave music, maths, debatingand more.The activities are designed tobroaden and develop themind and body22/09/14 http://www.camdengirls.camden.sch.uk/page/?pid=521 Camden school for girls isa secondary school forgirls who offer a lot ofdifferent extra-curricularactivities.Fundraising for charitiesRESEARCH LOG