Case Study: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Assessment

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Text of Case Study: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Assessment

  • 1. USA 502 Mace Blvd, Suite 15 Davis, CA 95618 United States Tele: (+1) 530-792-8400 BACKGROUND CHALLENGE IMPACT The Client, a global leader in surgical technology and innovator in procedural improve- ments across surgical disciplines wanted to receive feedback from its customer base on how the Company was performing in its key business processes. The goal was to identify if there were areas for immediate improvements, as well as longer-term service and product line opportunities. Anticipating entry of significant new competition, the Client wanted to gain in-depth insight on overall customer satisfaction for pre-sales, sales, and post-sales activities. The study was to develop an unbiased baseline assessment of the Clients performance and to establish a longitudinal customer satisfaction tracking program administered on an annual basis. SOLUTION To understand the elements that influence satisfaction and dissatisfaction among the customer base, The MarkeTech Group (TMTG) performed qualitative interviews with 16 Client customers. In addition, the interviews were structured to elicit forward-looking projections from customers to ensure that a survey design would be relevant for multiple years. Using this knowledge, TMTG designed a survey that was fielded to over 1200 Client customers in 14 countries. Data from the survey was used to develop Net Promoter Score for interactional satisfaction, Importance/Satisfaction plots for relational satisfaction, and Perceptual Maps for Client vs. Competitor positioning. The study found that the Client had developed a truly unique and valuable brand among all surveyed medical specialties. Results also exposed weaknesses that could potentially be exploited by competitive entrants. In addition, a survey vehicle was validated for multi-year use to identify and track customer response to strategic initiatives, marketing campaigns, and operational changes to technical and clinical support programs. Furthermore, strategic strengths of the Client - to be reinforced for sales success- were identified by TMTG. EUROPE / FRANCE 3 rue Emile Phant 44000 Nantes France Tel: +33 (0)2 72 01 00 MARKET METHODOLOGY MIX South America Europe Qualitative Research Strategic Consulting Quantitative Asia PROFILE CLIENT TYPE PROJECT CATEGORY PRODUCT CREATION LAUNCH PREPARATION Medical Device Medical Imaging Medical Diagnostics Medical IT/eHealth Biotechnologies Pharmaceuticals Technology Assessment Opportunity Analysis Customer and Product Requirements Product Concept Testing Segmentation Analysis Brand Positioning Packaging and Materials Testing Go to Market Planning Pricing PRODUCT MONITORING Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Post Launch Acceptance MARKET RESEARCH AND PLANNING Custom Market Analysis Market Mix Analysis Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Assessment TECHNOLOGY GO / NO GO North America