Using DAM to improve your productivity

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How to Implement Web Fonts on Your Website

Using DAM to improve your productivityChris Stevens

The cupboard under the stairs Storage is cheaper, faster, more accessible, with more capacity than ever. Its in your office, in your pocket, in the cloud.

Information is everywhereIts easier to get hold ofIts easier to createIts more important than everSocial media has demonstrated that content is central

Digital files - just keep growing!

Your Growing AssetsHundredsThousandsHundred ThousandsMillions




The Future

Theres a lot to remember

Which folder did I save that file to?How did I name it?What format did I save it as?Did I send it to the client?When was the deadline?How much budget do I have left?

The benefits of DAMWhich folder did I save that file to?Instant SearchHow did I name it?Filenaming conventionWhat format did I save it as?Convert on demandDid I send it to the client?Metadata taggingWhen was the deadline?Time savingsHow much budget do I have left?Reduce wastage/costs

Instant SearchThe rise of search engines has changed expectations of how to search.

Searching millions of filesFilteringPredictive/suggestive searchingMultiple termsPhrasesInstant resultsAcross your workflow

Filenaming conventionFilename:SVW-C46-1415-0044.JPG

This breaks down as: S - the image was shot in South Wales VW - the image was shot by Visit Wales C46 - the 46th shoot commissioned by Visit Wales in the given year 1415 - the financial year 2014-2015, when the shot was taken 0044 - image number 44 from that shoot

Convert on DemandOn-the-fly conversion from a Master File

One original to manageVersion confusionRepetitionFit for purposeUser knowledgeSelf service

Metadata taggingContent Creator vs. Content User

What is this?Hawaiian helmet?

Spanish saddle?

Minoan mold?

National Museum of Ireland

Metadata taggingData about data

Folders/filenames are not enough

Machine or human generatedInformational basedIndex basedRights based

To embed or not

Time/cost savingsHow to quantify?

IT costsWorkflow costs

Implementation costsSoftware licensing costsTraining costs

DAM in action Customers

DAM in action Customers

Preservation of the nations cultural heritage

Digital archive for storage and retrieval of photographic imagesManaged by Photographic DepartmentExtends browsing and searching to all Museum departmentsControl over distribution

DAM in action CustomersProvide a range of core creative services for Visit Wales and 10 other departments (including Food, Education, Communications, Business and CADW)

Graphic DesignPhotographic commissioningVideo editingAsset handling and processingAsset distribution (Crown copyright)

DAM in action CustomersIntegration with Collections Management System

Digitisation of CollectionsOnline requirementsIntegrated with internal department needs (e.g. Curators/CMS)Available to all students

DAM in action CustomersTripled Social Media Engagement with the click of a Camera

Real-time upload of high quality Instant access to social media teamPost as the action unfoldsFollowers, immediately doubled and has since tripled.45,000 followers on Instagram alone, with 12% engagement one of the most followed in the country

DAM in action CustomersNeed to be able to obtain clients approval over the web

Art directors save one/week due to streamlined searchingCreative staff can view images in real-time when working with clients over the phoneHandling of high volume of assetsISO standards for image usage

How does DAM improve your productivity?

Find files fastTag automaticallyConvert/repurpose on-the-flyAvoid InterruptionsAvoid Fees and FinesNo wasted time (and money)


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DAM Self-Evaluation Guide

DAM Learning Center

Chris 654275@extensis