6 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

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PowerPoint Presentation1FocusFocus is a three step process:Clarity - get specific about what you wantPurpose - be clear about why it is important to youConfidence how confident are you in your capability to make it happen?2OptionsResist jumping straight in, step back and open your mind. Tap into your creative side to generate lots of ideas. No evaluation or judging just yet. Its all about quantity over quality at this stage, be open to literally anything. You can always discount your duff ideas later.Consider three general areas:Options what tasks and resources might there be?Others who could help and how might they?Obstacles what might get in the way, what assumptions might you be making and how might you overcome them? 3OthersWhat could others bring to the party?Who could I involve (internal and external to my organisation)?Who could affect my ability to deliver (both helpful and unhelpful)?How might I gain their buy-in?Others is all about how you involve people. Consider anyone who can affect your ability to deliver in some way. Four questions to ask yourself:Others is all about how you involve people. Consider anyone who can affect your ability to deliver in some way. Four questions to ask yourself:4OrganiseHaving done your thinking, generated lots of ideas, its now time to make some choices. What are you going to do? How will you decide? When will you do your choices? What will have the greatest impact with the least effort?What will help to advance you towards your focus?Who will you involve?How will you get them bought in?5DeliverHaving decided on your plan of action, you are good to go, but, are you? Before getting stuck in, take a little time and it needs only be a little time, to consider:How will you track your progress?How will you measure your success?How will you learn through the journey? What will be your strategy for adjustment?Productivity ExpressProductivity Express6OwnershipOwnership is the ultimate test, are you serious about your focus?The reality is that your performance is dependent on how you apply yourself:Is your focus clear?Have you explored ideas and potential obstacles?Have you considered your key people?Thinking Focus Actions ModelFor individuals, teams and business unitsserious about unlocking productivity.+44 (0) 203 818 5825hello@thinkingfocus.com+44 (0) 7809 416 307ricky.muddimer@thinkingfocus.comConfidential 2016 Thinking FocusThanks for taking the time