Strategies to improve NHS productivity

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Mark Jennings, Director of Health care improvements at TheKing's Fund talks through some of the measures that could be taken to improve NHS productivity. This slideshow has been created in conjunction with our report, Improving NHS productivity: More with the same not more of the same.


  • 1. Strategies to improve productivity Mark Jennings July 2010

2. 3. National cost and demand drivers 4. 15 to 20 billion All bets are off. We need to move away from the NHS being built for growth to being able to sustain itself in a prolonged limitation of resources...The NHS will need to make efficiency savings of 1520bn from 201114. 5. Time Real terms spending(2009/10 levels) 2001/2 to 2010/11 2011/12 to 2013/14 on The Gap More with the sameCOST & DEMAND PRESSURES PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS 105bn 6. How we see the gap

  • Financial gap? The same with less
  • Care gap? More with the same

7. Focus

  • Trusts new
  • income focus
  • PCTs cash- growth focus

8. Focus on howandwhat we do

  • Technical efficiencyisdoing things right,eg, reducing unit costs by reducing lengths of stay or shifting care to more cost-effective settings out of hospital.
  • Allocative efficiencyisdoing the right things,eg, allocating resources to achieve the most health gain for the population served and preventing future hospital admissions.

9. 10. Variations in clinical care

  • Variations in care are often idiosyncratic and unscientific with local medical opinion and local supply of resources appearing more important than science in determining how medical care is delivered.

[J.Wennberg, BMJ, October 2002] 11. Unjustified variations in health care cause

  • Increased cost
  • Reduced quality

12. 13. 64m Prescribing [Source: NHS Better Care, Better Value Indicators] 14. 15. A new NHS paradigm

  • Quality costs

Health care can only be considered high quality if it is also effective and efficient. 16. Visit: