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<ul><li><p>Social Media Marketing Campaign Professional DigitalMarketing Assistant</p><p></p><p>Social media marketing can increase page engagement for your business with likes, followers and shares!Websites need social media interaction for growth and brand recognition. Get the fans you need to grow onFacebook , Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. </p><p>Social Media Monthly Optimization ReEnforcer</p><p>Likes</p><p>Get likes to your page and post on social media. This will help boost yourstartup efforts, if you are in the beginning stages. More established pagescan increase their visibility and business identity.</p><p>Shares</p><p>You want your post to be seen by the masses? Now you can get yoursocial post shared with your network of friends. This will help give yourpost extensive views and engagement.</p><p>Followers</p><p>You can grow your network without followers. We will give you realengaging followers interested in the things your like and share. Build astrong network of followers and be famous.</p><p>Learn More</p><p>80% of consumers make a purchase decision based on socialmedia influences</p><p>1/3</p><p></p></li><li><p>Social media campaigns to boost your sharing effortsonline. Backlinkfy will mingle with new followers andsend likes to your Twitter and Instagram accountsevery month, so you can build your online businesswith less hiccups and more customers.</p><p>What You Get:</p><p>Dedicated account specialist</p><p>New followers, likes, and shares</p><p>Weekly report tracking</p><p>More page engagement</p><p>Social media platforms provide long term customer relationships within networks or groups.</p><p>Backlinkfy Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services Include:</p><p>Increase the number of follower and social votes</p><p>Increase customer engagement</p><p>Set up &amp; manage various social accounts</p><p>Create the right buzz around your brand</p><p>Build brand loyalty</p><p>Facebook Ads</p><p>Facebook is the biggest online Social network where you will find potential consumers from all over theworld looking for similar products or services you offer. Backlinkfy creates the right Facebook marketingpages that sell. Focusing on sales and engagement with you followers.</p><p>Twitter Ads</p><p>Twitter is with just 140 characters, you can create an astounding buzz around your brand that bringspotential customers rushing to your website.</p><p>Instagram Ads</p><p>Instagram ads can be ran through Facebook Ad manager which gives you the opportunity to put yourproducts in front of a fast growing audience visually. </p><p>Pinterest Ads</p><p>Pinterest Ads are for people who love images. Promote a pin within your niche market, get a flock of trafficto your business in no time. </p><p>Get Started Today</p><p>2/3</p><p></p></li><li><p>3/3</p><p>Social Media Marketing Campaign Professional Digital Marketing Assistant</p></li></ul>