Social Media Marketing & Campaigns Masterclass - Event Report

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Social Media Marketing & Campaigns Masterclass Event Report

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2. Social Media Marketing & Campaigns Masterclass Event Report 3. Social Media Marketing & Campaigns Masterclass participants like to RECOMMEND gripel to peers 4. Trainer is the Founder and CEO of Leading Social Media Agency. A thought leader in the Social Media space, he has invaluable experience in creating and executing successful campaigns for 60+ (Approx) clients in both the B2C and B2B segments manging 20+ millions of fan base. Maverick, Mad Hatter yet a true Visionary is what is Rajiv Dingra. The man responsible for everything that is WAT on this earth he brings 7 years of core entrepreneurship experience. He has been a digital analyst, marketer and speaker for the last 7 years. trainers profile 4.1 4.0 Training Content Practical Usefulness Presentation Style 4.0 5. Trainer is the COO of leading digital agency and brings with her a strong brand communication experience. She was previously involved in setting up the full service digital marketing & online Reputation management arm of DRAFTFCB Interactive. She was also the first one to conceptualize Indias first Online Perception and Reputation Engine eOmega. She is regular speaker at Social Media Conferences across the globe. trainers profile 4.3 4.3 4.3 Training Content Practical Usefulness Presentation Style 6. LUKSH PUBLICATIONS Companies participated @ Social Media Marketing Trainings by Gripel 7. Key Sessions Line Up 01 : Steps to Social Media Campaigns 02 : Facebook Marketing & Advertising 03 : Instagram 04 : Pinterest 05 : Youtube Lean Advertising 06 : Twitter Promotions 07 : LinkedIn for businesses 08 : Foursquare 09 : Google Plus 10 : Blogs 11 : Social Media Monitoring Tools 8. Online Pre Course Questionnaire 9. particpants expectations & challenges Collaboration Generating interest and buy-in from senior executives & management Identifying Key Resources and Methodologies for Implementing and measuring Online Marketing Activities to Meet Business Goals Exploring the Integration of Online Activities into an Existing Marketing Content & Creativity Creation of UGC content ( User Generated Content ) Content Marketing Getting a break through Ideas creative ideas to promote the brand Channels - The Platforms Understand components of online communications programs Integrated Marketing using all social medias Update on latest changes in the social platforms (e.g. Facebook embedded posts, short videos on Instagram etc) New features in social media channels Connection creating advertisement for different digital platform Finding ways to get details on profile of customers not available Social Media Advertising & Promotions Getting through the right targets ( TG ) 10. Conversations & Engagement Strategies to improve engagement on social platforms Precise publicity over social media Engaging & maintaining my target reader or viewer on social media. Conversion & ROI Understand the possibilities in Social Marketing to build Brand and monetise Demonstrating the ROI of social marketing efforts Measuring the effectiveness of the post Enhancing more traffic for my website & Social Media Tracking. ROI measurement for social media investment in absence of e-comm Engagement levels across platforms Monitoring and measuring the posts / campaigns the social media Monitoring the Web for buzz about your brand Useful references on free social measurement tools, websites, publications etc to keep one updated on latest in social media Care & Crises Understanding the Impacts on brands by Customer behaviour on Social Media Customer service on Social Media Influencing customers on Social Media post positive resolution Addressing negative comments & Crisis Management 11. Sessions Graphs Based on Inputs X Axis Sessions Y Axis Level ( 1 Low, 2 Medium & 3 High ) 12. Sessions Interest Graph High to Low 13. Sessions Knowledge Graph Low to High 14. Sessions Relevance Graph High to Low 15. Focus Sessions Graph Derived 16. Focus Sessions Derived 17. Focus Sessions Derived 01 : Social Media Monitoring Tools 02 : Twitter Promotions 03 : Youtube Lean Advertising 04 : LinkedIn for businesses 05 : Google Plus 06 : Facebook Marketing & Advertising 07 : Steps to Social Media Campaigns 08 : Instagram 09 : Blogs 10 : Foursquare 11 : Pinterest 18. Content On Demand + GRIPel Event Presentation CD GRIPel 19. testimonials The two day workshop was well organised and provided me a deeper insight into Facebook eco system and understand how to use the marketing tools for online marketing. Managing Director, Glam India Pvt. Ltd. Excellent program to understand the depth & breathe of social media, Managing Direction, TBWATAL Srilanka ( Srilanka ) Excellently organized by Gripel ! Great delivery by Rajiv. Thoughtful and well planned content. CEO, OMD Srilanka ( Srilanka ) The program was excellent and met my expectation. It was well worth the flight from Sri Lanka Head of Marketing, Akzo Nobel Paints Lanka Pvt Ltd. ( Srilanka ) I like it. Very useful. It was a good experience Managing Director, JKB Housing Pvt. Ltd. Event was excellent CEO, White New Media. 20. Very Good! Sr. Director, Sanofi India Ltd. Outstanding!! A whole new understanding of Facebook, trainer was good, Gripel managed well Head Marketing Communication, Sanofi India Ltd. Excellent course, particularly story on relevance, well planed. Director, India Post. Good seminar! Practically useful! Understood how Facebook works, learnt the different tools available Director Business Development, Advance Enzyme Technologies Ltd. It was an interactive program. The presentations were very motivated and effective. Director-Corporate communication, Dr. Reddys Pvt. Ltd. It was a great session, Thank you Gripel Director sales, Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd. Good session, Very interactive, Very specific and knowledgeable Sr. Vice President, Arabian Nights 21. "The Social Media Masterclass had rich content which was insightful & relevant, delivered eloquently. Could understand the basic of Social Media, could figure out how ideas could be used for brand building & learning's from case studies. Good Speakers who had good expertise on the subject" AVP - Marketing Marketing, Idea Cellular Ltd. "Gain Knowledge" at Social Media Marketing & Campaigns Masterclass General Manager Service Delivery, Idea Cellular Ltd Overall good conference Associate Vice President & Head Corporate Communication, Datamatics Global Services Ltd. Very interesting content. Good presentation. Assistant Vice President (Brand& communication), ISMT Ltd. Thanks to Gripel, performing its excellent role to train the people in digital marketing to make powerful online marketing and enhance online business, leads and revenue. Head Marketing, Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. The conference was well organised, Gripel had done a very good work, got excellent knowledge from this conference SMM Head, Ebrandz Web marketing. It is a very good program for all, eye opener for awareness of new age media DGM Market Research, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 22. about gripel Gripel ( ) is a premier Business Information provider, delivering strategic insights & business information by producing & promoting Conferences, Trainings & Business Events for senior decision makers in corporate business. Formed by a team of experienced yet young and enthusiastic individuals in the industry, Gripel promises to give its clients world class services in business information Solutions. Gripel brings with its name a combination of innovation, creativity, trademark quality, finesse, excellent client service and perfect execution. 400+ corporate clients: gripel conferences & trainings: contact: +91 9920449865 or 23.