Seven content marketing tips for travel businesses

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Content marketing: 7 tips for travel businesses1

Content marketing is important to travel businesses45% of travellers visit a search engine before any other site.* Content helps drive SEO activity and boost Google rankings.

57% of travellers start researching online more than three months before they intend to go away.* Content supports long term engagement.

Four in five travellers abandon bookings before completion.** Content supports every stage of the customer journey. * Quill research, **

#TTE152Content marketing: driving revenue and reputation by delivering meaningful content experiences that add genuine value to the lives of your customers.

#TTE15Simple to define3

Traditional models of content creation are no longer fit for purpose.

#TTE15difficult to deliver4

#1. Ownership

A single point of ownership

Defined areas of responsibility


#2. Integration

Across marketing channels

Within agency roster


#3. Resources

Predefined budgets

Specialist content creators

Editing expertise


#4. Strategy

Managed the same way as any other marketing activity

Clearly defined objectives, aligned with wider business goals


#5. Processes

No complex email chains and spreadsheets

Content stored and edited in a central location

Project management tools


#6. Measure

Continuous analysis and optimisation

ROI calculated using the fully loaded cost of content


#7. Quality

Consistent tone of voice

Standardised processes

Localised for different markets

#TTE1511We are global content marketing specialists, purpose-built to deliver high performance content for brands.

#TTE15About Quill12

The consumer take on travel contentQuill research

64% of travellers know where they want to go before going online.

36% go online to find inspiration.

53% would find it very useful to know how expensive a destination is before booking while 62% want to know about visa requirements.

27% booked a holiday in January 2015

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