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Insights from former Head of Social Media at SDL (formerly Alterian) about how social media is being used by large and small companies today


  • 1. SDL Proprietary and ConfidentialThe latest developments in SocialMediaJames AinsworthSocial Media Manager Social Intelligence Division

2. 41 of the 50 Top Global Brands*Source: Interbrand, 2011 3. A bit about mebefore the goodstuff 4. The latest developments in Social Media 5. Social Media HeadlinesOverall growth in social media has slowed MccannWave ReportThis month, two of thebiggest online players,Amazon and eBay,added Pinterest buttonsto their product pagesCampaignPrice promotion(21.5%) is themost commontactic used byretailers toboostengagement onFacebookStickyEyes92% chance of getting Retweetedin the first hour after posting RWWIn 2011, LinkedIn generated a visitor-to-leadconversion rate of 2.60%, on averagefour times higher than Twitter (0.67%) andseven times higher than Facebook (0.39%)HubSpot20% - the averageconversion rate someretailers are seeingthanks to the newFacebook Timeline.SMI67% of fans expect exclusiveoffers; 22% of brandsdeliver on thisCMO Council57% of UKSMEs haveused socialmediaHiscoxOnly 1.3% offans actuallyengage with thebrands theylike.CMO CouncilMost comments to company wall posts on Facebook will also happen within the first hour or two. RWW 6. MYTHBUSTINGSocial MediaMonitoring is notjust responding toTwitter moaners 7. 50+ Billion stored conversations and results60+ languages20+ Automated sentiment analysisDashboardsAlertsStoryboardsCustom Sources 8. Social media data andwhat it enablesRather than "data drivendecisions", advocate humandecisions supported by the useof good tools to provide uswith data-derived insights. 9. YesterdaysnewsTodaysnewsTimingiseverything. 10. Social mediaanswers the questionsyou never thought of.Dont have time to run surveys andquestionnaires 11. Social media data showsyou the wholeconversation.Join the dots. 12. The more the merrier.Savings 13. Its the future.Anticipate. 14. The social media story behind a new andintriguing productPowered by 15. # of influencers35Positive advocates3 are based in IrelandTwitter usersLove it or Hate it?Positive 29%Indifferent 86%Negative 13%Top Twitter Authors@psykouk@annecupcake@dressjunkieTop PlatformsTwitterForumsMedia 16. Top Platform DemographicsMale: 75%Female: 20%Unspecified: 5%TwitterForumsMediaForum UsersTop CategoriesSocialCollege LifeHealthLove it or Hate it?Positive 20.1%Indifferent 61.6%Negative 18.3% 17. Top Domains Top ThemesWeightwatchersCakesNutellaBoards.ieMoney Saving ExpertTES CommunityBoards.ieTop AuthorsKiller WenchSeomra MushiePembilyLove it or Hate it?Positive 12.9%Indifferent 58.1%Negative 29% 18. Target your offers with theForums where your advocatesare doing great things for youLook at the comments relatingto fat, health exercise andtailor messaging in targetpublications where dietarycontent needs to be consideredRun Campus or Instore tastingsessions to marry up onlineand offlineWhat next?Host product developmentsession with influencers todesign new offshoot productsEstablish a User Forum whererecipes are created anduploaded with photo content 19. Draw SomethingA rumoured $210 milliondeal sees OMGPOP join theZynga family.30 million downloads and1 billion drawings in the first6 weeks.15,000+ social mentions aday in the week ofacquisition.Draw Something astory of growthPictures by colleague and Draw Something user: 20TangoManWedge 20. DrawSomething21But what does thesocial data tell us aboutits users?Using SDL SM2 we canexplore the social datathat tells the storybehind DrawSomethingsphenomenal growthand how people use itPowered by 21. 22Who talks about playing Draw Something?Who talks aboutplaying DrawSomething? Babycenter.comCommunity Reddit Gaia Online 22. 23Drawsome!Is a game consideredmainstream when itsvocabulary works itsway into everydayconversation?February to March 2003%Increase in uses of theword Drawsome whendiscussing the game 23. Problems?Looking at what players sayabout Draw Something canhelp you identify user issuesand obstacles5631 mentions of the Cantgo over Turn 99 bug1114 mentions of the Appcrashing 24. In-game monetisation40% of freemium game players endup spending moneyMales age 13-34 are more likely thanfemales to simply stop playingaltogetherIn-app purchases typically take placewithin a month of starting to play.Source: NPD groupIn-game purchases totalled $970 millionlast year and predicted that that couldgrow to $5.6 billion by 2015Source: IHS 25. Peakmentions asDrawSomethingachievesviralstatusHas the bubble burst?Resurgenceof socialmentions asZynga dealis confirmedMentionsdropping,novelty ofgame wearsoff.Developmentrequired 26. The common mistake brands make..BusinesssuccessDesiredbehaviors/perceptionsCustomerCommitment27Give customers whattheyask forTheyll think & do thethings you want them todoThe business will meetits goals 27. What actually happens.BusinesssuccessDesiredbehaviors/perceptionsCustomerCommitment28Give customers what theyask for60-80% dont do what you wantthem to doUndesiredbehaviors/perceptions 28. Ensuring a fair exchangeCustomercommitmentDesiredbehaviors/perceptionsBusinessgoals29 29. Driving measurement from your business goalsYour ideal customer is one who..Shops Shares Advocates 30. Driving measurement from your business goalsPCS: Product commitment score Informs your value propositionCRS: Customer relevance score Drives content & engagement strategyBCS: Brand commitment score Drives brand strategy 31. Deriving meaningful scores using social data Each index is derived from scoring conversations based on their value intothe commitment journey were trying to understand32 32. The components of each scoreCommitment score is a composite of:1. Where in the journey the conversation sits2. The level of influence of the conversation3. Weighted sentiment of the conversation 33. The deliverables..1) An executive scorecard that can be cascaded throughout the business 34. The deliverables..2) Experience scores showing the specific parts ofthe customer journey impacting commitment 35. The deliverables..3) Customer journey segmentation to drive prioritization & targeted action 36. Big and Small Business Lead Generation 37. What is the business need for social media? To be loud and proud We do some pretty awesome stuff, letstell people about it To sell We have some of that pretty awesomestuff I spoke about to sell To support valuable customers They already know of our prettyawesome stuff but do we know whatthey do with it? Do they need help withhandling the pretty awesome stuff?38 38. 10 ways to win every week1. Follow 3 new people on Twitter2. Connect with someone on LinkedIn fromone of your interest groups3. Tweet a link to an SDL Social Intelligenceresource4. Answer a question on LinkedIn/Quora5. Tweet about something that interests youprofessionally6. Join a new group on LinkedIn7. Share an interesting article in the SDLSocial Division Hangout on Facebook8. Read a blog and leave a comment9. Tell James about something online thatyou think he should pay more attention to.10. Repeat one of the above BONUS: Write a 500 word blog post forSDL Blog39 39. So what?the business valueSocial media should be used to affect a change in anaspect or multiple areas of your business 40. So what?plug in tomultiple aspectsof your businessDo not allow social media tobe run in isolation to the restof your businessplug it inwhere relevant and use theresulting data to measurethe heartbeat of youractivity. 41. Big Business Small BusinessSDL SM2Radian6Meltwater BuzzSynthesioFree ToolsSingle UseBroadcast/Customer ServiceIn-house use or AgencyAcross DepartmentsSpecialist Use/ Insights/ sCRMHootsuiteTweetdeckSocial MentionGoogle AlertsAnnual cost from 12,000 Free 42. LinkedInAnswersWhere should I look foropportunities tocomment? What do theylook like?LinkedInGroups43Twitter 43. LinkedIn -Answers43 12 44. Search strings on Twitter clients:cupcakes AND Bristol OR Bathbusiness card AND need bristolgeocode:51.4709507,-2.6039525,25kmXboxSupport -accidtnlyFrom:CocaCola to do Twitter better? 45. Follow your customers on Instagram ifthey are there. Hold a contest/giveaway and using#hashtag on Instagram Print Instagram photos from yourcustomers and put them on your storeor your website. If your fans are sharing your photosonline, share their photos with yourfollowers. Snap photos of your customers/teammembers and post them on Instagram. Make your Instagram personal too, notjust about your business. Use hashtags.Create Happy Hour check-insduring off-peak or free-timeto boost activitybeyond current spikes.Advertise that youre aFoursquare merchant.Host events dedicated tosocial media users toencourage simultaneouscheck-in, Tweets, andFacebook check-insThere's currently no distinction betweenpeople and brands on Pinterest. You'll getmore traction if you approach the site more asa person, less as a brand.Name your pin boards after your businesstype, products, and services. For instance, ifyou sell sportswear and equipment, create pinboards for such topics as Gym wear, Sportsshoes or best yoga mats.SEO tip: Post pictures on your own site orblog first, then pin those pictures on Pinterest.When setting up your Pinterest account, adddescriptive, keyword-rich text to your "About"description.Include your location as wellBe careful when auto-posting toFacebook/LinkedIn or otherGive yourplatform apurpose 46. Follow your customers on Instagram ifthey are there. Hold a contest/giveaway and using#hashtag on Instagram Print Instagram photos from yourcustomers and put them on your storeor your website. If your fans are sharing your photosonline, share their photos with yourfollowers. Snap photos of your customers/teammembers and post them on Instagram. Make your Instagram personal too, notjust about your business.