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Google Adwords has been regularly updating its features to make business more profitable, to stay updated read my updated presentation.


  • 1. Google Adwords Kick Start Training Course
  • 2. Intro & Outline Ethan Chong Google Adword Qualified Professional Basic Concepts Keyword Research Step by Step Campaign Setup Ad Writing Common Mistakes to Avoid Landing Page Design Tips & Sharing Resources Learn more!
  • 3. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising You dont pay (to Google) unless people click on your ad Highly Targeted Advertising Only appear when people search for it
  • 4. Google Search Results Search Network
  • 5. Content Network Gmail
  • 6. Benefits of Google Adwords? Fastest way to promote your products / services Very Targeted & Specific Get your Prospect to find you (No cold call!) Right Message > Right People > Right Market > Right Time
  • 7. Who can use? Anybody (Google Account & Credit Card needed) Suitable for Direct Response Ad Not recommended for Branding Where? Anywhere, Anytime!
  • 8. How much does it cost? No fixed price Google provide estimated cost per click You only know after the clicks happen Good news is You are in Control No Minimum Spend You control your budget You control Maximum Cost Per Click Pause/End the campaign anytime
  • 9. $1000 Investment in Adwords $1 cost per click 1,000 Clicks 10% Conversion rate =100 Sales Average Sales =100 Sales $1k Investment Result in $10k in Sales Reinvest Profit, Optimized the Ad
  • 10. Max CPC: Maximum Cost Per Click Maximum price you are willing to pay for particular keyword eg. $2 for the keyword iphone leather cover CTR: Click-Through Rate Number of Clicks/ Number of times your ad shows up
  • 11. Landing page: First page where the visitors see after clicking on your ad. Google Adword Landing Page
  • 12. Understand your Target Market: Who are they? Where are they (country)? What website / forum they normally surf? What is your Main Keywords? Write down 5 keyword phrases based on each your product & services Dont use single keyword because it is too broad Preferably 2~5 keyword phrases (indicate buying interest)!
  • 13. Google it! How many Competitors out there? Refresh the search results a few times and count Any keywords which are less competitive? Use Free tools rnal
  • 14. Imagine yourself as the customer what would you search for? Use these Tactics & Free Tools Remember to show all columns Google Suggest Yahoo Search Assistant Forums (relate to your products or services) Ask your existing customers! Come out with at least 50 keywords Write it down! - Save it in Notepad or wherever.
  • 15. Broad Match Phrase Match Exact Match Negative Keywords
  • 16. If you bid on => celebrity perfumes Your ad will appear when people search for: Hollywood celebrity perfumes List of celebrity endorsed perfumes Perfumes wear by celebrity
  • 17. If you bid on => celebrity perfumes Your ad will appear when people search for: Hot celebrity perfumes Top Ten celebrity perfumes Celebrity perfumes and fragrance Best celebrity perfumes for men
  • 18. If you bid on => [celebrity perfumes] Your ad will appear when people search for exactly Celebrity perfumes
  • 19. Technique to filter out traffic that you dont want Put minus sign - Reseller Wholesaler Free So, your ad will not show up when people search for: perfumes reseller perfumes wholesaler free perfumes
  • 20. Download Adwords Wrapper Automatic help you wrap up your keywords in different matching option Wrap up your keywords now!
  • 21. Setting up Adwords Campaign
  • 22. For Beginner For Experienced Advertiser
  • 23. Use Keywords In Headline or Description line Put Benefits 1st, Features come 2nd
  • 24. Be Specific Capitalize 1st letter of each word in display URL Geographically specific ads
  • 25. Dont Sounds like you are trying to sell them something Show Trust & Credibility
  • 26. Account ABC Car Audio & Accessories Limited Campaign A Campaign B Car Accessories! Car Audio Ad Group A1 Ad Group A2 Ad Group B1 Ad Group B2 Speaker CD Player Car Wiper Car Lights Keyword list car speaker reviews mid bass speaker component speaker Keyword list Pioneer CD Player Car CD Player Sony Car CD Player Keyword list Car head lights Car tail lights Headlights bulbs Keyword list car wiper blades car wiper motors car wiper arms
  • 27. Download Adwords Editor Download your keywords Group your keywords Upload your keywords
  • 28. If you can afford to flush away your cash, then please just stop here.
  • 29. An Adwords Ad A whole bunch of Different keywords The companys home page What's so wrong with this picture?
  • 30. Too many different kinds of keywords in the same group. You should group them into different Ad groups.
  • 31. "Smith Telecommunications" - Who are you? Low CTR High bid price You should:
  • 32. Don't bring visitors to your homepage. You only have 5~10 seconds to make an impression as your visitors scan through Youll spend more money because - Landing page not relev