Crash Course: Growth Hacking Your Customer Acquisition

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  • Crash Course on

    Customer Acquisition

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  • Our Goal:

    Flip the success rate of Asian

    startups from 1/10 to 9/10

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  • We work with you to...

    roll out an experiment and data-driven

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    execute growth tactics and achieve targeted


    teach you processes, tools and techniques to

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    Growth Hacking ConsultingBurning questions? Suggestions?

    Make website sound more interesting

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  • Agenda SEO

    Conversion Rate Optimization


    Line Marketing

    Referral Marketing


    Social Media

  • Workshops Review your website for SEO and CRO improvements

    Fill out Buyers Journey and Content Mapping Templates

  • SEO

  • Why Should You Invest in SEO?

  • Why Should You Invest in SEO?

    SEO is Good for Business Visibility and Branding

    SEO Brings Your Business Traffic

    It is Cost-Effective

    Your Competitors Are Doing It

    It Still Works

  • A Simple Approach to Getting Started With SEO

    Create a website

    Install Google Analytics or MixPanel to track visitors

    Conduct Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner

    Add content containing targeted keywords to site and blog

    Place links to website on your social media accounts

    Share your blog posts on your social media accounts frequently

  • Question: Why Do I Need a Website?

    Answer #2: Once you optimize your

    website, it becomes a 24/7 virtual

    salespeople that never sleeps, never gets

    sick and never says no! They are always

    ready to do their job, convert and close!

    Answer #1: Without a website, you cant

    fully take advantage of the benefits

    associated with SEO.

  • More Reasons Why You Need a Website

    They Provide Your Business Credibility

    They Allow You To Communicate In Almost Any Language

    They Save You Money

    A Website Makes It Possible To Target A Wider Market

    They Enable You To Collect Data You Can Use To Better Target

    And Convert Prospects

    You Cant Afford Not To

  • What Content Should My Website Have?

    Your Website Should Have Content That:

    Informs about your product or service

    Converts visitors thru marketing messages and CTAs

  • What Content Should My Website Have?

    Typical pages that informs about your product or service include:

    About us

    Contact us

    Product/service descriptions

    Pricing page

    Clients and testimonials


  • Q: What Type of Content Should My Website Have?

    A: Content that caters to ever stage of your Buyers Journey:

  • What Type of Content Should My Website Have?

  • What Type of Content Should My Website Have?

    Your website content should fit in with your industry, culture and

    brand personality. More examples of content and keywords:

    Video: Explainer videos, product demos, announcements, promos

    Guides: How-tos, step-by-step guides, guide to

    Tips: Strategies, tactics

    Content from a thought leader

    Comparisons: Pros and cons, verses

    Questions: How, what, where, when, why, FAQs

    Lists: Top Ten Best, 5 ways to, 3 Reasons Why

  • Conversion Rate



  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system for increasing the

    percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more

    generally, take any desired action on a webpage.

  • What is CRO?

    CRO is the process of increasing your percentage of visitors into buyers.

  • What is CRO?

  • Q: Why Should I Care About CRO?

    A: Increasing your conversion rate by just 10% can increase

    sales by 800%.

  • How to Get Started With CRO

    #1: Set up Goals in Google Analytics or MixPanel

  • How to Get Started With CRO

    #2: Direct Traffic to Landing Pages and/or Pages on Optimized Website

    Simple Design

    Appealing image

    Clear message

    Clear, contrasting


    Only ask for email


    Incentive for sign


  • How to Get Started With CRO

    #3: Use Optimizely or Unbounce to Conduct A/B Tests

  • How Else Can I Implement CRO Strategies?

    Discussion Topics:

    Live Chat

    Pop-up boxes

    Lead Magnets

    Social Proof

    Opt-in forms and CTAs

    Site speed (

    Analytics (review your top exit pages)

  • CRO: What is Social Proof?

    Definition #1: Social proof is a psychological phenomenon

    where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to

    reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

    Definition #2: Social proof is the art of creating positive

    influence around your brand using our natural reliance on

    peers, experts and third parties for cues that guide our own


    In other words:

    Oh! That looks good! Ill have what hes having!

  • CRO: Why Use Social Proof?

    Social proof helps convert visitors by building trust and


    Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews

    before making a purchase.

    Nearly 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to

    purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.

  • CRO: Examples of Social Proof

    Case studies



    Social media

    Trust icons (3rd party endorsements, SSL certificate, client



    User generated content (blog, social media, video reviews)

  • CRO: Social Proof Best Practices

    Place social proof throughout website and landing page

    Use pictures, names, titles and company in testimonials

    Use industry experts and authorities for reviews/testimonials

    Get people to place their reviews everywhere (Google,

    Facebook, Foursquare, Social Media)

    Repurpose social proof in blog, PRs and marketing


  • CRO: Examples of Social Proof


  • CRO: Examples of Social Proof

    Customers/trust icons

  • CRO: Examples of Social Proof

    Case Studies: Data-driven, in-depth analysis of the product or

    service you provided a current customer with.

  • CRO: Examples of Social Proof

    Data/numbers: Buffer and Hootsuite

  • Lead Magnet

  • Lead Magnet

    Lead magnet is a landing page or an offer dedicated to giving your

    website visitor some relevant values in exchange for their contact


    Digital Marketer used a Lead

    Magnet to generate 28,507

    subscribers in 45 days

  • Lead Magnet Ideas


    E-books and whitepapers



    Free course / webinar


    Free coupons

    Educational content

    Free online tools


    Free trial

    Freemium account



    Free coupon

    Free shipping

    Free gift


    Educational material

  • Free Online Course

  • Expert Advice

  • Mini Online Courses

  • Free Discount Coupon

  • Competition or Giveaway

  • Give a Free E-Book

  • Share Reports, Case Studies & Resources

  • Live Chat

  • Benefits of Live Chat

    Customer Satisfaction: 77% of people who use live chat believe their

    questions have been answered quickly and efficiently

    Higher Conversions: 61% of online shoppers and web visitors are more

    like to purchase based purely on Live Chat Communication

    Strong Customer Relationships: Having a live chat option on your

    website increases Customer Trust and Loyalty

    Higher ROI: Live Chat reduces overall call center costs by lowering

    average interaction costs

    Customer Retention: 63% of web visitors are more likely to return to a

    website that offer live chat

  • So, What is Live Chat?

    A software that allows businesses to chat in real time with

    website visitors.