Class Leadership: How to go viral

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HOW TO GO VIRAL!Digital Marketing Class Leadership!Viral marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is used to spread content from between people, primarily using the Internet, word-of-mouth, and mobile devices. !Metcalfes law explains the exponential network growth!Media like games, quizzes, & widgets!FOUR !TYPES OF VIRAL CONTENT!Articles and blog posts!Images and graphics!Video and audio means!Share buttons!FIVE !KEY ELEMENTS OF VIRAL CONTENT!Practical Utility!Scarcity of Content!Skim-ability!Consistency of Source!It is dramatic!TEN !REASONS THAT PEOPLE SHARE CONTENT!It makes them think!It is provocative (but SFW)!It agrees with their world view!They think it will make someone smile!It is embarrassing!It is emotional!It is unbelievable!It is hilarious!It is not covered by mainstream media!Increase brand & product awareness!THREE !CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN ITS EFFECTIVE!Launch a new product!Market an event!Audience may misinterpret the content!TWO !POTENTIAL PITFALLS OF THIS MARKETING STRATEGY!Cannot guarantee that the content will go viral!