When Social Consumers Go Viral

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Companies need to pay attention to social media. It's how their customers are complaining about their products, services and business practices.


  • 1. Source: FrugalDad 02/29/12

2. Twenty years ago, if you were dissatisfied with a companysproduct or business practices, youd probably stop buyingfrom them. You might write an angry letter. You might eventell your friends and family (a whopping 25 people, at best)not to patronize that business.But the game has changed with social media. While oneangry tweet may not make much impact, the web allowscustomers to find and connect with like-minded parties.Critical mass has never been more within consumers reach.At best, companies strive to be more responsive. At worst,they now live in fear of these pools of discontent.Mashable 02/29/12