Boost Demand Gen with Sales Dialing Automation

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  1. 1. Using Sales Dialing Automation to Boost Demand Gen Conversions Presenter Ken Smith Director of Marketing ConnectLeader kwsmith@connectleader.c om
  2. 2. Summary Sales dialing automation products are popular with business development and inside sales teams. But dialing solutions can also be effective in boosting the demand gen process. Learn how companies are using sales dialing automation to: Promote webinars and trade shows Qualify leads faster Speed up customer engagement
  3. 3. State of Demand Gen
  4. 4. Inbound is Here to Stay Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2014, HubSpot Fact: Over 80% of companies practice inbound marketing.
  5. 5. Prospecting is still relevant for B2B Self-sourced leads from sales team is primary lead source for over 20% of B2B Companies Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2014, HubSpot
  6. 6. What Some Experts Think Marketers in demand generation are more inundated than ever with technology and the pressure to communicate across multiple channels. Heidi Bullock, V.P. of Global Demand Generation, Marketo COLD CALLING IS NOT DEAD Source: Accelerate Your Sales Performance eBook
  7. 7. Demand Gen Challenges
  8. 8. Top Demand Gen Challenges #1 Challenge: Increase Number of Leads #2 Challenge Converting Leads to Customers Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2014, HubSpot
  9. 9. Demand Gen Process Email Email Pros Scalable Easy to send Easy to track Email Cons Easy to Ignore Low Open Rates Hard to Engage
  10. 10. Pros Creates engagement Starts path towards qualification Some buyers respond to phone calls faster Cons Tedious process Low connection rates Bad Reputation Manual Telephone Dialing Pros & Cons
  11. 11. Dialing Boosts for Demand Gen
  12. 12. Event Promotion Hi, This is ConnectLeader. Im leaving this short message to remind you that ConnectLeader will be hosting a live webinar titled Dialing Up Better Demand Gen Conversions Multi-touch Campaigns Multi-touch campaigns: Uses a planned sequence of live conversations, automated voice messages, email messages, and text messages
  13. 13. Qualifying Trade Show Leads We utilize sales dialing automation for calling all new leads from Trade Shows. It is important to us to reach new prospects as quickly as possible following a trade show. We can typically make one attempt to each lead within 1-2 hours from each show we attend. Richard Bruyere, Director of Sales & Business Development, Comview Corporation Sales Automation Makes it Possible to Engage Leads Faster
  14. 14. Engage with Customers Faster Henry Schuck, CEO, DiscoverOrg "Our DiscoverOrg account representatives use the ConnectLeader Team Dialer solution to follow-up with customers. In just one 30 minute dialing session they make 8 to 11 connects."
  15. 15. How Sales Dialing Automation Works Step 1 Upload List to cloud-based software Software Dials Step 2 Step 3 Rep. Engages Customer or Drops Voicemail Message Rep. Records Activity/Schedules Follow-up Updates CRM Step 4 Step 5
  16. 16. Live Conversation Automation Sales dialing process plus A team of human dialing agents makes dials, drop voicemails, engages gatekeepers Typical Productivity Boost: 8X versus Manual Dialing 125 to 150 dials per hour 8 to 12 Conversations per hour
  17. 17. ConnectLeader Sales Dialing Platform Team Dialer Live Conversation Automation Personal Dialer Power Dialing Software Click Dialer Click-to-Call for Built-in CRM Integration with: For Account Managers & Social Selling For Inside Sales For Business Development
  18. 18. Enterprise Emerging ConnectLeader Customers
  19. 19. ConnectLeader 800-955-5040 Contact Us @connectleader