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Whats is All About?Share a Margarita every Tuesday and Thursday with Elita, Nicole and Mariem, three friends telling you about their globe trotting experiences! Find out alternative ways to dine, room and travel across the world.Real life experiences by real life travel-passionate secret shoppers!Tuesday & Thursday, 4PM LIVE.

Heres a sample episodeListen in now!

Podcast SeriesEpisode One Introduction to Elita, Mariem and Nicoles secret shopping traveling experiences. In episode one you will get a taste of full and upcoming episodes on Bla Bla Car, AirBNB, and Cookening.Episode Two BlaBla Car is a trusted rideshare experience with a trusted community of drivers. BlaBlaCar connects car owners and co-travellers to share city-to-city journeys through the largest rideshare service in the world In episode two Elita travels from Elitas tour from Paris to Bordeaux using BlaBla Car. Elita will share her experience in full detail and provide you with vivid account of her travel experience.Episode Three Heetch a late night French ride-sharing experience. Instead of going head-to-head against other Parisienne car services, Heetch only works at night, mostly when youre out partying. As Elita hits the town for evening of partying with her friends she will rate the safety of Heetch services.

Podcast SeriesEpisode Four - AirBNB is a community of built on sharing where millions of hosts and travelers can book unique accommodations anywhere in the world. In episode three Nicole shares her AirBNB experience in Panama. Nicole will rate her experience of a Panamanian bistro that she shares with several travelers who have chosen Panama as a place to delete an item from their bucket list.Episode Five Cookening is an experience where travelers can find new, more authentic ways to eat and want to discover local food. When they want to learn more about the culture of the place they are visiting and they want to meet locals in a friendly environment, Cookening provides that experience for them. In episode four Mariem shares her Cookening experience in Italy. Episode Six Uber is an American multinational online transportation network. You can catch Uber just about anywhere in the United States. In episode five, Elita, Mariem and Nicole Uber it across the United States. They will hit all fifty states using the Uber App. In this episode, they will also go live when they hit the Midwest.

Podcast SeriesEpisode Seven Lyft is a U.S. rideshare company operating in California and New York. Elita decides to tour New York with Lyft. During this journey through New York Elita will secret shop her drivers and let you all know who provides the best tour experience.Episode Eight Sidecar is another U.S. rideshare company operating on the east and west coasts. Nicole will secret shop Sidecars services traveling throughout L.A., San Francisco, San Diego and Long Beach.Episode Nine Episode Ten eRideShare is a great way to save money, make new friends and reduce emissions. While traveling to work Elita, Mariem and Nicole decide to check out eRideShare to get back and forth from work and school. All three ladies will share with you their experience on how easy it is to find unique yet convenient ways to travel about.

Why listen? Fresh and informative podcast, suited for all people and all ages!Lonely planet in a podcast Larry Smith, A loyal listener Our podcast will make you dream about exotic places or just help you plan your next trip with lower costs and more efficiency! No more disappointment, no more spending hours reading reviews and ratings over and over Just tune in every tuesday and friday and get informed !We answer your questions too , call and ask us help you plan your next getaway!