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<ul><li><p>Vote for Your Favorite Traffic Reporter</p><p>Rideshare Week kicks off on Monday, </p><p>Oct. 2 with the announcement of the Golden </p><p>Pylon winnersthe Southern California on-air </p><p>traffic reporters who go the extra mile to mention </p><p>ridesharing and Rideshare Thursday as part of </p><p>their traffic reports.</p><p>We need your help picking this years </p><p>Golden Pylon recipients.</p><p>Do you have a favorite TV or radio reporter </p><p>(or two) who helps spread the word about </p><p>alternatives to driving alone? Let us know! As a </p><p>thank you for your vote, youll also be entered </p><p>into a drawing for a $25 gift card. </p><p>Cast your vote by Friday, Sept. 15.</p><p>Rideshare News for Southern California Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs)</p><p>September/October 2017</p><p>News for Your Employees Download &gt; Download Spanish version &gt; </p><p>Download this issue as a PDF</p><p>Calendar of Events</p><p>Download Commuter News </p><p>Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County</p><p>Go Green,Save GreenIts Easy Being Green During Rideshare Week, Oct. 2-6</p><p>Want your employees to try </p><p>ridesharing? Theres no better </p><p>opportunity than Rideshare </p><p>Week, Oct. 2-6.</p><p>This year, the campaign </p><p>theme is Go Green, Save </p><p>Green, stressing the clean air </p><p>and money saving benefits of </p><p>sharing the ride. </p><p>Throughout the week, </p><p>thousands of Southern </p><p>Californians will make the pledge </p><p>to carpool, vanpool, ride bus/</p><p>rail, bike or walk instead of driving </p><p>alone. When they do, theyll not only </p><p>discover a better way to get to work, </p><p>but they may also qualify to win great prizes.</p><p>More than an awareness campaign, Rideshare Week focuses on action by motivating people to </p><p>rideshare that very week. It can actually convert solo drivers into ridesharers.</p><p>Your county rideshare agencies have lots planned so you can get employees to participate, including </p><p>providing ways to pledge, prizes, campaign materials, social media support and more.</p><p>To find out whats happening near you, </p><p>click here.</p><p>http://www.metro.nethttp://www.octa.nethttp://www.rctc.org/http://www.sanbag.ca.govhttp://www.goventura.orghttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RideshareAward</p></li><li><p>Download this issue as a PDF</p><p>Calendar of Events</p><p>Download Commuter News </p><p>Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County</p><p>(Continued on page 4) </p><p>Rideshare Week Events &gt;</p><p>1. Hang posters </p><p>and distribute </p><p>flyers promoting </p><p>Rideshare Week</p><p>check with your </p><p>county rideshare </p><p>agency for campaign materials.</p><p>2. Send employees an email with a link to pledge </p><p>or register to share the ride for a chance to win </p><p>prizes.</p><p>3. Greet ridesharers </p><p>at the entrance in </p><p>the morning with </p><p>coffee, bagels, </p><p>juice, etc.</p><p>4. Borrow a tip from the </p><p>popular I Voted </p><p> stickers and create stickers </p><p>that say, I Carpooled </p><p>Today or I Shared the </p><p>Ride for Rideshare Week.</p><p>5. Honor commuters of the year, selecting </p><p>employees with the best rideshare track records </p><p>for special recognition or perks.</p><p>6. Offer the chance </p><p>to win a prize </p><p>to any current </p><p>ridesharer who </p><p>recruits a new one.</p><p>7. For many companies, its a Rideshare Week </p><p>tradition to hold a rideshare fair but if youre </p><p>short on time and/ or funds, consider a mini </p><p>fair. Staff a table and lure employees in with </p><p>small treats, giveaways and/or an activity where </p><p>they can win prizes. Then if possible, sign them </p><p>up for Rideshare Week and your rideshare </p><p>program. </p><p>7 Easy Things You Can Do for Rideshare Week</p><p>Theres still plenty of time to plan a Rideshare Week promotion for your employees. Here, we offer </p><p>seven ideas that can have a big impact, yet can be done with limited staff hours and without busting your </p><p>rideshare budget.</p><p>We Asked ETCsWhats something you like to do at your company to celebrate Rideshare Week?</p><p> Recognize all employees who carpool, vanpool, bike, walk </p><p>and use our transportation </p><p>systems (bus, Metrolink, and/or </p><p>Metrorail) with a certificate </p><p>and ice cream sundae. Charita Crawford, Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department</p><p> Kinecta Federal Credit Union posts </p><p>Rideshare Week information on </p><p>the company Intranet, along with </p><p>holding a drawing for a $50 gas </p><p>card. To promote the Go Green, </p><p>Save Green theme, ETC Tracey </p><p>Hill suggests employers also post </p><p>clean-air statistics and what we can do to prevent </p><p>pollution. Another idea: add hashtags such as </p><p>#LetsClearTheAir and #GoGreenToBreatheClean</p><p> We send emails to promote Rideshare Week and to encourage our agents to pledge to </p><p>rideshare to receive a gift provided by our </p><p>company,says Laura Devito with Automobile Club of Southern California. 2 September/October</p></li><li><p>Download this issue as a PDF</p><p>Calendar of Events</p><p>Download Commuter News </p><p>Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County</p><p>Rideshare Week is Oct. 2-6heres whats happening near you.</p><p>Throughout Southern CaliforniaMetrolink will kick off Rideshare Week with a Facebook contest on Oct. 2, </p><p>giving out a free family 4-Pack of round-trip tickets. For details and a chance to </p><p>win, like Metrolink on Facebook. </p><p>The Golden Pylon Award winners will be announced Oct. 2, honoring traffic </p><p>reporters who help spread the word about ridesharing on TV and the radio. </p><p>(You can help choose this years recipients by casting your vote by Sept. 15.)</p><p>Los AngelesIn Los Angeles, Rideshare Week </p><p>also goes by the name Shared </p><p>Mobility Week. When people </p><p>pledge to carpool, vanpool, ride </p><p>bus or rail, bike or walk during the </p><p>week, theyll qualify to win prizes.</p><p>How to pledge: Commuters </p><p>simply log in to use the Commute </p><p>Calendar at ridematch.info and </p><p>register how they got to work each </p><p>daythe more times they share the </p><p>ride, the more chances they have </p><p>to win.</p><p>Prizes: Prizes include Macys gift </p><p>cards, an Apple iPad, iWatch, Beats </p><p>Wireless Head Sets, getaways at the </p><p>Langham Huntington and Queen Mary, AAA memberships and dozens more.</p><p>How employers get promotional materials: Metro offers posters, flyers </p><p>and pledge cards at metro.net/riding/rideshare/ where you can also request </p><p>goodies and giveaways for your employees (while supplies last).</p><p>Getting event updates: For ongoing information on Rideshare Week </p><p>events and contests, subscribe to Metros The Source, and follow Metro on </p><p>Twitter and Facebook.</p><p>OrangeOrange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is encouraging people to </p><p>go green as often as possible, so every day you share the ride increases your </p><p>chances to win prizes.</p><p>Pledge: Fill out a pledge card at octa.net/rideshareweek for one entry </p><p>into the drawing to win an iPad and some instant win prizes.</p><p>Track: Track your green trips on the ridematch.info calendar. Each green </p><p>trip is an additional entry into the iPad drawing.</p><p>Perks for employers: The Orange County company with the highest </p><p>percentage of its workforce </p><p>logging commutes during </p><p>Rideshare Week will win either </p><p>a $100 gift card or paid national </p><p>Best Workplaces for Commuters </p><p>designation and membership </p><p>depending on eligibility.</p><p>How employers get </p><p>promotional materials: Contact </p><p>OCTA at 714.560.5331 or email </p><p>sharetheride@octa.net.</p><p>Getting event updates: </p><p>For ongoing information on </p><p>Rideshare Week and events and </p><p>contests, follow OCTA on Twitter, </p><p>Facebook and YouTube.</p><p>Whats Happening for Rideshare Week</p><p>(Continued on page 4) </p><p> 3 September/October</p><p>http://thesource.metro.net/https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RideshareAwardhttp://www.sharetheride@octa.nethttp://www.octa.net/rideshareweekhttps://twitter.com/LosAngelesMetrohttps://www.facebook.com/losangelesmetro/http://www.ridematch.infohttps://twitter.com/gooctahttps://www.youtube.com/user/goOCTAhttps://www.facebook.com/goOCTAhttp://www.ridematch.infohttp://www.metro.net/riding/rideshare/https://www.facebook.com/Metrolink/</p></li><li><p>Download this issue as a PDF</p><p>Calendar of Events</p><p>Download Commuter News </p><p>Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County</p><p>Riverside/ San Bernardino</p><p>Inland Empire commuters can win </p><p>any of more than 100 prizes when </p><p>they make the pledge to share the </p><p>ride during Rideshare Week.</p><p>How to pledge: There are </p><p>three ways to make the pledge: </p><p>1) online at IECommuter.org/</p><p>gogreensavegreen, 2) filling out </p><p>and turning in a pledge card at the </p><p>worksite or via mail or 3) calling </p><p>1.866.RIDESHARE (866.743.3742). Plus </p><p>log trips for an extra chance to win a </p><p>La-Z-Boy recliner.</p><p>Prizes: Participants can win a </p><p>variety of great prizes including </p><p>Rainforest Caf dining credits, fishing </p><p>or whale watching trips from Dana Wharf, vacations, gift cards, electronics </p><p>and more.</p><p>How employers get promotional materials: Contact your IE Commuter </p><p>team to request posters (pictured above), flyers, and Go Green, Save Green </p><p>clip art, via email at rideshareweek@iecommuter.org or phone at </p><p>1.866.RIDESHARE (866.743.3742) to request materials.</p><p>VenturaWhen Ventura County commuters pledge to go green, theyll not only </p><p>save green, but theyll qualify to win prizes.</p><p>How to pledge: Ridesharers can pledge online at goventura.org, or </p><p>employers can hand out paper pledge cards (available from Ventura County </p><p>Transportation Commission).</p><p>Prizes: Once </p><p>employees make the </p><p>pledge, theyll qualify to </p><p>win gift cards and other </p><p>prizes.</p><p>How employers get </p><p>promotional materials: </p><p>Download posters, flyers, </p><p>tip sheets and pledge </p><p>cards at goventura.org. </p><p>Getting event </p><p>updates: Follow VCTC on </p><p>Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.</p><p>Whats Happening for Rideshare Week (Continued from page 3)</p><p>We had (and can have again) a lunch for employees who are considering carpools, says Eileen OBrien, </p><p>ETC for Archdiocesan Catholic Center. To organize </p><p>the lunch, she got a list of home zip codes from </p><p>human resources and identified which had the highest </p><p>concentration of employees, an idea she got from </p><p>fellow ETC Imelda Bermejo. Staffers who lived in or near those zip codes </p><p>were invited to a get-together lunch. Even if people did not want to </p><p>carpool, I advised them to come to meet their neighbors, just in case </p><p>their car breaks down and they need a ride to work </p><p>one day.An idea from Hsiao-Ching Chen with Los Angeles </p><p>County to drive home the go green theme for </p><p>Rideshare Week: Invite EV car companies to be at the </p><p>rideshare fair.</p><p>We Asked ETCs (Continued from page 2)</p><p> 4 September/October</p><p>http://www.IECommuter.org/gogreensavegreenhttp://www.IECommuter.orgmailto:rideshareweek@iecommuter.orghttp://www.goventura.orghttp://www.goventura.orghttps://www.facebook.com/GoVCTC/https://twitter.com/GoVCTChttps://www.instagram.com/govctc/http://www.IECommuter.org/gogreensavegreen</p></li><li><p>Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County</p><p> 5 September/October</p><p>Download this issue as a PDF</p><p>Calendar of Events</p><p>Download Commuter News </p><p>On the Go in the COUNTY</p><p>More &gt;</p><p>Los Angeles</p><p>Theres a New Place to Buy TAP CardsCheck It Out</p><p>Theres nothing like a good book </p><p>to pass the time on bus or rail. While </p><p>youre checking out a book at the L.A. </p><p>County library, you may be able to </p><p>buy or load a TAP card as well. TAP </p><p>vendor services are now available </p><p>during regular hours at 35 libraries.</p><p>For a list of participating libraries, </p><p>visit colapublib.org/tap. </p><p>TAP cards are a form of electronic </p><p>fare that allows users to </p><p>ride and transfer between </p><p>Metro and 23 other transit </p><p>providers. For a listing </p><p>of all TAP vendor </p><p>locations, or to buy/</p><p>load a TAP card </p><p>online, visit taptogo.net.</p><p>Does LAs Transit System Have the Muscle to Handle Olympics Traffic?</p><p>Los Angeles is gearing up to likely </p><p>host the Olympic and Paralympic </p><p>games in </p><p>2028. Along </p><p>with the </p><p>glory of </p><p>the games </p><p>will come </p><p>an influx of </p><p>visitors</p><p>and all the </p><p>traffic theyll </p><p>generate.</p><p>Is LAs </p><p>bus and rail </p><p>system up to the task of helping ease </p><p>the burden of so many people on the </p><p>roads and freeways?</p><p>Metros The Source blog recently </p><p>took a peek at what the transit system </p><p>might look like in 11 years. Changes </p><p>include more miles of Metro rail, </p><p>several connectors that allow for faster </p><p>transfers between lines and a station </p><p>that will be a transfer point </p><p>to LAX.</p><p>Read more about the </p><p>Olympics and transit here.</p><p>OrangeMore Parking Coming to Orange Transportation Center</p><p>Good news for people who pick up </p><p>Metrolink or a bus from the Orange </p><p>Transportation Center: More parking </p><p>is on the way.</p><p>Construction began last month </p><p>on a multi-level parking structure </p><p>to replace the existing lot. Upon </p><p>completion in late 2018, the structure </p><p>will offer 611 spaces500 of which </p><p>are dedicated to people transferring </p><p>to the train. This will nearly triple the </p><p>amount of parking for transit riders </p><p>from whats available currently.</p><p>The Orange Transportation Center </p><p>is at 130 N. Lemon Street in Orange, </p><p>near Old Towne Orange. </p><p>OCTA Wants Your Feedback on Bus and Bike Needs</p><p>Orange County Transportation </p><p>Authority is inviting you let them </p><p>know what changes you do (and </p><p>dont) want to see in bus service, </p><p>roads and biking/walking facilities </p><p>in the county.</p><p>A round of service changes on </p><p>OC Bus are planned for February, </p><p>including reducing service </p><p>http://www.colapublib.org/taphttp://www.taptogo.nethttp://thesource.metro.net/2017/07/31/l-a-olympics-and-paralympics-what-our-transit-system-will-look-like-in-2028/http://www.octa.net/Projects-and-Programs/Plans-and-Studies/Transit-Master-Plan/</p></li><li><p>Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County</p><p> 6 September/October</p><p>Download this issue as a PDF</p><p>Calendar of Events</p><p>Download Commuter News </p><p>On the Go in the COUNTY</p><p>on some lines and increasing it on </p><p>others. Weigh in on the proposed </p><p>changes at a public meeting Sept. 25 </p><p>at OCTA Headquarters in Orange, or </p><p>fill in an online survey at octa.net.</p><p>OCTA is also developing a plan to </p><p>make it easier to bike and walk and </p><p>wants your input. To take a survey and </p><p>help shape active transportation in </p><p>the OC, click here.</p><p>Riverside/ San BernardinoI-10 Express Lanes Get the Go-Ahead</p><p>A project that will add two </p><p>express lanes to the I-10 through San </p><p>Bernardino Valley got the go-ahead </p><p>in July from San Bernardino County </p><p>Transportation Authoritys board of </p><p>directors.</p><p>The decision comes after 10 years </p><p>of planning to identify the best way </p><p>to address congestion on a highly </p><p>trafficked section of freeway that </p><p>carries roughly a quarter-million </p><p>vehicles and 20,000 trucks daily.</p><p>When complete, express lanes </p><p>will run 33 miles from the LA County </p><p>line in Montclair to Ford Street in </p><p>Redlands. Construction is expected </p><p>to start in late 2018, with a partial </p><p>opening in 2022. </p><p>For project updates and details </p><p>on the I-10 Corridor Project, visit </p><p>gosbcta.com.</p><p>Get Metrolinks 91/Perris Discount While It Lasts</p><p>To encourage ridership on its </p><p>recently opened extension to Perris, </p><p>Metrolink is offering discount fares </p><p>through Nov. 25.</p><p>Riders traveling the 91/Perris </p><p>Valley line to or from stations outside </p><p>of Riverside County can travel the </p><p>extension portion of the trip for free. </p><p>If youre traveling within the county </p><p>and your route...</p></li></ul>