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D epartment of Transportation Metro Transit Division Rideshare Operations Syd Pawlowski, Supervisor “metropool – Nation’s First EV Vanpool” NAFA Green Fleet March 13, 2013. Rideshare Operations. Commuter Van Program VanPool, VanShare and metropool (EV) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Department of TransportationMetro Transit DivisionRideshare Operations Syd Pawlowski, Supervisor metropool Nations First EV Vanpool NAFA Green FleetMarch 13, 2013

  • Rideshare OperationsCommuter Van Program VanPool, VanShare and metropool (EV)1,283 Vans in revenue service - 4% increase3,450,656 passenger trips 11% increase20,000 metric tons CO2 reduced50M vehicle miles travelled eliminated

  • Why Electric Vehicles

  • Test 100% EV in urban commuter setting!Is the EV economical to maintain ?Will our commuters benefit ?

  • (2) Childrens Hospital(7) Microsoft (2) Amazon(2) Amgen(2) Zymogenetics(1) Fairmont Olympic Hotel(1) City of Bellevue(1) Federal Center South(1) Seattle Housing Authority(1) Fauntleroy

  • 5 Pass MinivanLEAFAnnual LEAF NumbersVANPOOL(For groups now in EVs)Average Riders Per Van5.005.005.00Van Miles Traveled12,60012,600151,200Total Prior Mode VMT(a)40,21440,214482,573Vanpool VMT12,60012,600151,200Monthly VMT Reduced27,61427,614331,373Prior Mode - Monthly Gas Consumption (Gallons)(a)1,9711,97123,656Vanpool Monthly Gas Consumption (Gallons)(b)78400Gallons Gas Saved Monthly1,1871,97123,656Prior Mode - CO2 Monthly1818211Vanpool - CO2 Monthly700CO2 reduced monthly (Metric Tons)(c)1118211GHG reduced monthly (Metric Tons)(d)1118216CO2 reduced (pounds)(e)23,34738,766465,192GHG reduced (pounds)(e)23,89739,679476,143Liters of CO2 reduced(f)5,393,1768,954,946107,459,352

    Based on 20 LEAFs and an average 30 RTM and average 21 workdays/montha Daily light duty vehicle trips per average person recruited - before joining commuter van = 0.638324364047122 (based on 2010 commuter van entry survey data - 2010 King County Metro)b Fuel economy light duty vehicles 20.4 mpg; fuel economy vans for 2012 is 16.070 through October (KC Metro - RO M5 fuel consumption summary/Metro Transit TSS reports). Light duty vehicles see: http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-resources/refs.htmlc Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted per gallon of gasoline burned is 0.00892 metric tons (http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-resources/refs.html ). Pounds per metric ton are 2204.623.d To convert CO2 to GHG emissions (CO2e) applied the ratio of carbon dioxide emissions to total GHG emissions, all expressed as carbon dioxide equivalents. For passenger vehicles ratio = 0.977 (http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-resources/refs.html)eTo convert metric tons to pounds, multiplied by 2204.623.f Liters of CO2 gas/pound of CO2 emitted = (454 grams/pound)*(1 mole/44 grams CO2)*(22.4 Liters of CO2 gas/mole) = 231 Liters/pound CO2

  • Net Present Value for $2010 at 7% Discount Rate7 Yr TotalMonthlyDifference in Capital Costs $ 11,165 $ 132.92 Difference in Electricity vs. Gas $ (13,902) $ (165.50)Savings $ (2,737) $ (33)Average Life Cycle Cost7 Yr TotalMonthlyLEAF $ 31,886 $ 379.60 Dodge $ 40,880 $ 486.67 Savings $ (8,994) $ (107.07)Ownership CPM Annual Avg. LEAF $ 0.44 Dodge $ 0.57 Savings $ (0.12)

  • User Survey:45 % response rate = 43 out of 95 drivers and riders.92% Satisfied 49% "Very Satisfied".Majority charging daily at Level 2 charging stations at work. 50% charging on common household outlet at home as a secondary method.

  • 20 requests for metropool6 gained ridership and removed14 now on waiting list7 Microsoft3 Amazon5 Group Health, Asian Counseling & Referral, F5 Networks and Veterans AffairsWhy?EfficiencyTechnologyEco-friendly Smaller vehicle

  • metropool fare reduced by 4%April 1st Commuter Van Fare Increase92% satisfaction rate14 groups on waiting listNissan Leaf price drop to $32,500Saving additional 1,000 gallons gas monthlyAlmost double GHG reductions What would you do?

  • Department of TransportationMetro Transit DivisionRideshare Operations

    206 - 684 - 1535syd.pawlowski@kingcounty.gov