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The Ultimate Mobile LiftClub application

Text of SureLifts RideShare

  • 1. NOKIA- MobileInnovationSubmission SureLifts Mobile RideShare PortalThe Ultimate Lift Matching for Commuters Henning 2008 Pieter Henning

2. SureLifts-Ultimate Lift Matches for Commuters

  • What are we Offering?
  • Enabling the public to arrange their ultimate commuter transport using mobile communications
  • TheMatching conceptbetween Lift Partners
  • Objectivesto be obtained by the Innovation
  • Whatresultswill be delivered by us?
  • Descriptionof what the Innovation delivers
  • Themain beneficiariesof the service

3. The Matching concept between Lift Partners

  • Sureliftsundertakes to provide a service of matching the travel arrangement for 2 partners, the Commuter and the Driver of a vehicle with spare capacity.
  • The computer ofSureLiftswill then provide both parties with a shortlist of travel options that they can pursue.
  • The 2 partners will make their own arrangements
  • The same protocol can be usedby 24/7 Emergency Staff to getto their place of work.

4. SureLifts-Commuter in Transport

  • Objectives of the Service:
  • Enableunder-provisionedpersonsto participate
  • in arranging suitable and safe transportation
  • to commute to their preferred place of work as private commuters or drivers.
  • Commuters will be matched with partners
  • that can aid them to safely, easily and efficientlyarrangetransport to their chosen destination or the nearest taxi rank,bus route or train station.
  • Economical &efficient Technologymust be applied to ensure a safe, affordable and swift lift.
  • Alleviatetransportproblemsfor all.

5. Workflow messaging

  • Both partiesuploadliftrequestrequirementsincluding area postal codes to SureLifts .
  • After the SL computer matches similar requests,aconfirmationSMS is sent with basic contact info to all parties, whilst their identity is still unidentified.
  • The commuterdecides whichdrivers to negotiate with.
  • The 2 partiesagreeprivately on a Refnumber andsends SL an acceptance note.
  • Both Parties receive confirmation by SMS ofVoucher details and use it toidentifyone anotherbefore the trip
  • After thecompletionof the trip, the commuter can advise SL of success by Website.

6. SureLifts Safe Car Lift Portal

  • SureLifts provides a private lift requestmatchingservice
  • Empowering the public to negotiate with Partners how they wish to share a Lift service arrangement on their own terms.
  • Ideal for Commuter families without cars,physically challenged citizens.

7. Deliverables

  • Private agreement betweenthe 2 parties
  • Complement Public Transport
  • 24/7
  • Non-Profit seekingEfficient & Fun

8. Request Details to Send

  • Membership #
  • Suburb
  • Date of Lift
  • Time of service
  • Mobile number only 5 variables
  • ----------
  • Not your name or identity
  • Not your address

9. What will be delivered?

  • Matches Postal codes and times to ashortlistof available partners
  • Commuters will obtain thetoolsto be able tonegotiatetheir daily transport with objective discretion as general public.
  • The ultimatequalifying testfor the service is that it must be viable for woman or child to make use of the SureLifts service.

10. Driver participation

  • Driver has spare capacity in car
  • Drives a similar route anyway
  • Taxis may also offer their service
  • Valid car and Drivers licence
  • Not a fare paying, profit making program
  • Social public reward club

11. SureLifts-WebsiteMenuCommuterLift Request DriverOffering Lift Membership Application Account Online PostalCode Searcher Bro Premium Service Comments Event Searcher eMail Us HELP - rules Contact Us Cancelthe service 12. SureLifts Member Registration 13. Cellphone- Member Request Upload 14. Commuter Lift Request

  • Commuter places RequestReceiving Voucher WebTicket

15. Unique Mobile Graphic Code

  • After a match has been finalised, SureLifts generate a unique mobile code, that will identify the other members integrity securely.
  • This Graphic Code is sent by Internet email or Cellphone MMS to the Member for Unique verification, by snapping it with a special cellphone camera reader, to ensure that he is dealing with the correct member.

MobiCheck 16. Alternative destinations

  • Clinic
  • Library
  • Creche
  • Funeral Society meeting
  • School
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup Venues

17. RewardOptions

  • Compensate Driver for contribution made and the additional effort made to provide the lift service that requires a detour to his route.
  • A reciprocal service is not a requirement but can be negotiated .

18. SureLifts -TheMobileTransport Facilitator

  • Your Key to Improving Service Delivery
  • Good Luck !
  • Pieter Henning
  • C:+27 83 2770004 [email_address]

19. ThatisIT! Thank you Henning 2008