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OpenMRSWhat, Why and How?A beginners guide to implementationSuranga Nath Kasthurirathne

Hello and wellcome, my name is Suranga Kasthurirathne, Im going to talk to you about 1

About myselfBEng in Software Engineering (Hons) 1st Class, UoW, UK (2013)PhD (Health Informatics) 2018 (Expected)

Community Manager, (Asia-Pacific), OpenMRS

My interestsClinical Decision Support (CDS)Standards (HL7 and FHIR)Health Information ArchitectureBeing an Early Adopter for OpenMRSCat herding and mentoring

An early adopter is someone who embraces new tech before other people.Usually means Im always in a mess

Cat herding: managing different groups of people3

Who are you?

Raise of hands?How many of you know OpenMRS?How many have used OpenMRS?How many are in the masters programHow many are graduates of the program?4

What well coverWhat is OpenMRS?The evolution of OpenMRSFeature list and how-tosSoftware and apps that work with OpenMRSImplementation scenariosInteracting with OpenMRS


What is OpenMRS?

What is OpenMRS contd.The mission of OpenMRS is to improve health care delivery in resource-constrained environments by coordinating a global community that creates a robust, scalable, user-driven, open source medical record system platform

Ok so youve see the video. Now, what is OpenMRS?7

Phrases the leadership loves to useGoing together going farNot re-inventing the wheelDoing what each group is good atWe wont do it for you, but well show you how to do it yourselves


Who uses OpenMRS?


What is OpenMRS used for?For clinical care (duh!)As a teaching toolFor research (everywhere!)As a Shared Health Record (Rwanda)As a Terminology Registry (Bangladesh HIE)For Notifiable Condition Detection (Indiana)

Can I try out the system?Public Demo: demo.openmrs.orgOpenMRS standaloneSet it up on your machineApache tomcatMySQL

The OpenMRS Technical Framework

Key featuresCentral concept dictionaryForm design and entryModular architectureData import exportSupport for standardsFlexible patient/person attributesHL7 V2 based data model designLocalization / internationalization

Why doesnt OpenMRS support Feature X, Y and Z?

The evolution of OpenMRSDriven by real, and not perceived needsLong and arduousA wide variety of contributors from all parts of the globe

Phase 01Driven by the need to support the Academic Modelfor Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS (AMPATH)Informed by lessons learnt in the development of the Regenstrief Medical Record System (RMRS)Need a strong concept dictionaryNeeded standardized forms

What is a concept dictionary?Afundamental building block of OpenMRSUsed to define datacollected by OpenMRS

Similar to a dictionary defining the function, meaning, and relationships of the words, the concept dictionary defines the name, code, and appropriate attributes for any observations or data collected (including medical tests, drugs, results, symptoms and conditions).17

Phase 02Breaking awayHTML forms and XformsOther standardsMVP concept dictionary

OpenMRS data entry forms

Phase 03The advent of mobile and tele-healthSOA and RESTThe evolution of MVP-CIEL

REST web services

Phase 04Thought leadershipNo more catch-up with the USRepresenting global needs to the developed worldFHIR workSupport for SMART / OHDSI, etc.

OpenMRS of the Future Present

OpenMRS of the PresentWhat is the OpenMRS Platform?What is the are OpenMRS Reference Application distributions?What is the OpenMRS Reference Application?


What are all these names?

The OpenMRS Reference ApplicationA state of the art implementation of OpenMRS, which may serve as a solid base for new implementationsIntroduces shiny new UIIntroduces the concept of Apps

Location based Login

Role based home page

An OpenMRS distributionAn open source hospital system for low resource settingsCombines three different Open source systems

Implementation Scenarios

Scenario 01:Collect data from maternal care visits at Homagama clinic

The OpenMRS form bankOpen Source forms!

What if there was a Master Patient Index (MPI)?

Often a single organization (a government, an NGO, or a hospital with satellite clinics) wants to run local OpenMRS installations at many individual facilities. But the organization wants to avoid creating duplicate patient records when the same patient population shows up at those different facilities.The solution to this problem is to have anenterprise-wide master patient indexwhich maintains a central registry of the unique patients that have attended any of the facilities, so that if any of those patients shows up at a new facility, their record may be imported and linked.53

What if you want to send out reminders to patients?

RapidSMSRapidSMS is a free and open-source framework for rapidly building mobile services for scale.RapidSMS is built withPython and Django

What if you want to report to a public registry?

The Notifiable Condition Detection moduleListens to incoming HL7 messagesEvaluates HL7 dataPerforms appropriate actions based on findings

Someone says, lets start reporting lab results

The clinicians already have pre-defined user credentials

What if Patients needed to move between clinics?

What is OpenHIE?


Interacting with the community: scenarios

Youre trying to setup OpenMRS on your machine

Youre trying to create some fancy forms

You need a new feature

You and your colleagues want to work together

OpenMRS and the SMART PlatformWhat is SMART?Front end apps for any EHR systemWrite once, run anywhere

OpenMRS and the OHDSIWhat is OHDSI?Collaboration to make better use of observational dataLarge scale analyticsMultiple disciplinesClinical medicineBiostatisticsEpidemiology



Thank you!