Think Healthy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy

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Health is the single most important concern of every human being. It is said Health is Wealth. This video is an attempt to reinforce the importance of health and affirm healthy thoughts every day. As 90% illness is in the mind.. your mind now gets new food for thought.

Text of Think Healthy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy

  • 90% of all illness are imaginary
  • I Love My Body
  • I Take Tender Loving Care of my Body
  • I Love Healthy Eating Habits
  • I Eat a Nutritious Diet
  • I Love eating Vegetables and Fruit
  • I Eat more High Fiber Food
  • I Eat only those Food that gives Me Energy
  • I Eat at Regular Hours in Moderate Quantity
  • I Control and Maintain My Weight
  • I Pay Attention to my Body Needs
  • I Exercise Regularly and to be Fit and Healthy
  • I Relax and Manage Stress
  • I Enjoy the Silence, just being Human Being.
  • I Prayer and Listen to my Inner Voice
  • I Keep on Thanking God for his Blessing
  • I thank God for his Devine Healing to Me
  • I always count my Blessings
  • I have an Attitude of Gratitude
  • I Think Healthy, I Feel Healthy, I Be Healthy
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