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  • 1. Integral Journey Feel&think tanks in San- Francisco
  • 2. We believe that the world needs conscious people successfully doing good things.Why? And we also believe that really good things can be done in communities of friends.
  • 3. What we do?We take12 leaders from Russian andLithuanian companies for an IntegralJourney to US.
  • 4. April 25 - May 03 wewill do a Vision Quest inwilderness of Hawaii.May 4 - 9 we will be inSan-Francisco havingseries of talks (calledfeel&think tanks) with USbusiness leaders.On may 10-th we will meetKen Wilber in Denver, nishour journey and y home.IntegralJourney?
  • 5. Feel&thinktanks? They are informal meetings of 20-25 people. They go for 4 hours. We feel and think into an important topic together. And play with it using state-of-art facilitation technologies of our international team.
  • 6. "Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from the followers" Steve Jobs5 of May: We live in an interconnected world where some the old borders do not exist. As change increases exponentially new paradigmsfeel&think tank for thinking need to be developed."Trends, borders Which trends will shape the future of your industry? What borders that exist on your market should be broken? What doand oceans" the "garages" giving birth for the companies of the future look like? What is your "blue ocean" strategy?
  • 7. 6 of May: feel&think tank"Happiness in action: energysources for peak performance" How can you get energy, drive and pleasure from your work? How to avoid professional burnout, emotional strain and stress? How can you create a coherent attitude in your team? How can you make happiness in action one of the ingredients of your company culture? Together with our international team of business-leaders we will learn the model of 7 sources of energy at work and will share best practices and real- life stories of turning work into a source of energy for yourself, your management team and your company as a whole.
  • 8. Crisess are unavoidable. What separates great leaders from8 of May: average leaders - how creative you are in the face of crises. feel&think How to turn crisis into the source of new enchantment and growth for yourself and for your company? What strategies andtank tactics bring results? What can you lean on when there is"Crisess as nothing to lean on?a source of Sharing the experience of overcoming personal crisis and crisis in business. Best practices and real stories from 5growth" continents.
  • 9. If you are interested in taking part in one of the events please contact OlgaWasko at wasko@coachinstitute.ru, skype: olga_wasko, +79211825994.We will tell you the exact time and place of the event after theregistration.